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New VRM Portal


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Yes, it is amazing. I always had to open remote console (during the day I care zero about stats, only about instantaneous demand and capacity), now it is all there. The details on the battery can also be shown, so it is perfect. Things I'd also like to see:

1. The looks like the data in the live view isn't updated in real-time, you need to refresh (stuff like the weather, the data in the little blocks)

2. From what I can gather, PV production is shown gross of conversion losses. I'd like an "AC side" production to be shown somewhere. Maybe just below the total consumption block.

3. Also, the total live DC input should be shown (PV + Battery)

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3 hours ago, stoic said:

Do i need to run some updates on my venus, inverters and charger after the portal update?

I'm not 100% sure, but I doubt it as it's only a GUI change in VRM with how information is displayed to you. From what I can see from the release notes for v2.60 of Venus OS there's nothing specific related to the VRM changes.

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Was wondering when someone would post about the update :D Its awesome problem with the GX is its pretty slow and a little annoying that you have to rotate the screen to landscape and can only allow access from one device at a time.

The new VRM portal gives you all of that info in a much cleaner look along with some additional fields which is great, also love how it now displays your production and consumption as well as the utility usage for the stipulated period.

Wonder if they'll give the GX the same face lift 

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Blog is out from Victron on this, found a few interesting bits https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2020/09/28/new-dashboard-launched-for-vrm/


Real time data requires two-way communication between VRM and the Installation. The new dashboard increases the GX CPU load. Data usage is also increased. Both CPU load and extra data usage are only increased while the dashboard is being observed. To mitigate the extra loading, live data communication will be suspended if the GX CPU load becomes too high; then the data will be refreshed as per the interval configured on the GX Device.

Also, if the VRM portal is left open in a tab which is not in focus on your device, live reporting will be suspended after one minute.


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