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Sunsynk LSW-3 data logger

Paul Greeff

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I have the 8 kW Sunsynk with the wifi data logger.


It works very well, and the visibility is amazing. We've already managed to reduce or shift our consumption and we've only been on solar for 5 days now.

However, I am concerned about the intermittend connectivity of the module. In the attached image you will notice it responds to ICMP and then disappears. This cycle happens over and over. The time on and off appears to be random.


It seems to do this regardless of whether it is connected to my laptop, my phone (whether I'm in the same room or not) and even when I put a wifi router two meters from the data logger, it seems to do the same.


My question is whether this is normal for the module, i.e., does it perhaps drop the wifi, focus on collecting the data and then only activates wifi when it has something to send to the portal, or is this a problem? 






Screenshot from 2021-02-07 12-29-34.png

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It should be more consistent, if it stops responding, that's not right... I had some strange ones as well, a few days ago... but... doing a ping end up with...

64 bytes from icmp_seq=23625 ttl=255 time=2.262 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=23626 ttl=255 time=1.627 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=23627 ttl=255 time=2.353 ms
--- ping statistics ---
285773 packets transmitted, 285295 packets received, 0.2% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 1.072/2.502/2164.709/11.507 ms

I was trying to see whether I could, get the second server that can be configured by way of the web front end, to talk to a local machine, but no luck this far, but then again, I ain't got no clue...

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Thank you Kalahari Meerkat


Regardless of how I talk to it, this intermittend connectivity occurs. I've done a reset on the unit, and it seems this happens whether it is connected to my wifi after it has been configured, and also during configuration when connected to my phone or laptop.


For example, I had a continuous ping and sent 173696 packets, of which 50648 came back. 


Have you tried a longer period? I've had times where pings go on for minutes and then times where it is on and off frequently.


Screenshot from 2021-02-09 14-24-56.png

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@Paul Greeffon my MacBook if I select Alt+Mouseclick on the WiFi Icon, it will show the connection, but also noise/signal level, there should be similar options available under WinDoze, I'd imagine, if that is your choice of O/S and I am assuming you have a laptop with WiFi around, then go with it, to where your Sunsynk + data logger are and check the RSSI vs Noise.

Here under OS X a very close by AP, RSSI=-29dBm and noise=-78dBm, that's very noisy, but at nearly 50dB signal to noise ratio, that noise level, I can ignore. Basically you're ideally looking for a signal to noise ratio of 30dB or more, then all should be ok. You may also want to check it more often, sometimes there are sporadic noise sources that aren't around all the time, like a cell phone charger that may only be plugged in at times and it possibly being a source of noise. A lot of guys blame LED lights as noise sources, of course this is nonsense, but if there is no decent filtering on the invariable switch mode power supply running these, the power supply for 220V LED lights can cause quite a bit of RF interference.

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The signal to noise ratio on my end was always perfect but I cannot see what the noise floor is for the logger. I suspect the PLC I have in the same room as the Sunsynk feeding Internet to the cottage is causing interference. When the PLC is not on the circuit, which passes right next to the wifi antenna on the logger, the logger works without incident and problems correlate remarkably well with the Netflix habits of my folks in the cottage when the PLC is supplying their Internet.

I added the wifi router right under the logger and now the problem is solved. However, I will note here that the wifi router does not see an increased noise floor or note any link quality issues, so it might just be input of the logger thats wide open.

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On 2021/10/25 at 9:28 AM, Linford Muzenda said:

My logger has just gone off, no signal lights at all

It gets its power from the inverter, obviously, I'd say unplug the dongle and after a few seconds plug it in again, if does not come back then either the dongle has gone faulty or the serial port on the inverter has gone faulty...


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