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Hi There,

I have just moved into a new house that has an inverter already installed.  I was wondering if someone could give me some advice.  I have been away for a week and my batteries keep discharging and the inverter is switching off after only a few hours of no utility power.  Are there changes I can make to the setting for the batteries to  last longer.  Currently the setup is


I have a Mecer 5Kva inverter SOL-I-AX-5P

4 x Vision 100a/h AMG batteries 30A

There are currently no solar panels.


Also when they utility power does return the batteries seem to charge rather quickly.


Thank you 



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Looks like a 48v inverter, thus I assume your 4 batteries are in series. 

48v x 100ah = 4800w x 50% = 2400w usable if it was new. Historic rate of charge and discharge might have affected your batteries health. 

1st thing how much is your load? 

I've seen some recommend settings floating around that @Coulomb posted. Can't seem to find it now. Try and find them. 

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60A and 30A as charge current sounds a tad high, usually lead type batteries are specced to deliver at 10% aka C/10 and the same for charge rate, thus the batteries you have should probably not be expected to deliver more than 10A for any major period, thus deliver electron flow at a rate 480Wh, assuming some inverter self use/consumption, carry a load of 400 to 450W, but I'm guessing if they have been run at the higher charge rates etc. they're probably not in the best of shape anymore, I'm assuming they do have a fair number of months behind them...

If they are in great shape/new, you should be able to expect for them to carry a 400-450W load running for 4 to 5 hours, before giving them a recharge...

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15 hours ago, Kalahari Meerkat said:

60A and 30A as charge current sounds a tad high,

These seem to be higher performance battery modules, with a maximum charge rate of 30 A (0.3C). The example charge curve shows the charge starting at about "0.25 XCA", which I assume means 0.25C or 25 A. So definitely reduce the maximum charge current setting from 60 A to 30 A. Then if and when you connect panels, you won't overcharge the battery.

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