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Geyserwise Max Error 7


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Morning All,

Hope you are well?

We busy with an installation of 2 thermosyphen systems, each on opposite sides of a building.

The first one is working perfect, Geyserwise Max working spot on.

Second system, Geyserwise Max is throwing out and error "EA" "E7" - communication error.

Ive tried an alternate display unit and swapped out the display plug on the control box with a alternate one.

Have I missed something or is this error 7 not only related to the communication between the 2?

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I am experiencing exactly the same problem - alternate "EA" and "E7" error codes.

I have checked my sensor inputs, unclipped and reconnected all the display cable connectors. No luck. Phoned Geyserwise this afternoon to get tech support. Left a message for a techie to call me. 2 hours later still no call. Need to speak to the programmers - they are the ones who will provide the best answer.



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Further to my initial post, the Geyserwise tech chappie did call me. Apparently the alternating EA and E7 means software corruption. They can try fix it, but generally a new controller is indicated. Seems like a hardware upgrade to CMOS of something similar could solve what seems to be an increasing problem. Apparently the surges resulting from Eskoms load shedding are not good for the board.

So I went to Centurion today and the guy who helped me said E7 is the problem indicator. Turned out I needed a new controller. Surprise.

After installation, system still not working. Now getting E3 which is geyser sensor not found/working. I have checked it all the way back to the control unit. I get just over 4kOhm which seems in range for the sensor.

If I swop the two sensors around (solar panel temp & geyser) I confirm that the input to the controller is working. I'm stumped and would appreciate ideas.

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