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  1. SegenSolar is cheaper than Sonop and it's not on special, the only issue you have to register as a re seller or installer before you can buy from them.
  2. UT7 slide lid box with the wooden backing on the inside AC/DC should have them as well as Voltex. Remove the two srews holding the wood onto the box, mount drum busbar insulators onto the wood, put it back and then mount the busbar on the insulator
  3. Then try using WURTH's bond and seal around the hole when the conduit is in, it lasts much longer then normal silicone. I inspected some installations I did 7 years ago with bond and seal and no leaks at all.
  4. Use a 20mm hole saw that you can buy at Builders to drill through the sheet. To seal around the conduit I use Dektite from Kare industrial suppliers, they are on the corner of Vootrekker and Vanguard Dr in Maitland.
  5. Depends on the drugs you are using, apparently they can be pink sometimes
  6. Had an issue on an installation where the ELB would trip one day, reset it, no issues for a week then it would trip every day once or twice and then nothing again for a couple of days. After the electrician ripped the whole DB apart doing tests we still could not find any problems. It would even trip some times when bypassing the inverter to Eskom or visa versa. So I spoke to an electrical engineer and his solution was to install a Schneider ELB as it has a slower de-curve rating to get rid of "ghost tripping" . Did that and problem solved and it never tripped again.
  7. It's a pity about the max PV aray power, only 600w on the 3000va and 3kw on the 5000va
  8. A client of mine extended his garden irrigation pipe onto the roof, put it under the panels and had a small sprayer between each panel. Summer time when his wife cleaned the house and used the vacuum cleaner he would put the water on and it would cool the panels down and produce more power. The panels produced up to 300W more every time he did it.
  9. I agree, panels are flash tested at the factory under perfect conditions (STC value) and that is what it is rated at. But when used on installations there are a lot of factors that can influence the production of the panels
  10. I have a 2 Tb external hard drive that I link to my laptop and then to the tv to watch movies and stuff. My "hit the room like a hurricane" 2 year old boy bumped the laptop off of the floating shelf under the tv. I was thinking of using something else to prevent this from happening again and had a look at multi media players and the Raspberry Pi. What will be the best Pi to use as I see there is a Pi2, Pi3, A+, B+ model etc and do I need to load anything like KODI onto it to be able to watch movies? Thanks
  11. As far as I know even if you do not want to feed power back to the grid using a grid limiter, if the inverter does not have a NRS certificate they do not accept it. When you install a system you have to register the system with the CoCT, same with Stellenbosch Municipality and Drakenstein Municiplality. If you do not want to feed into the grid then you register the system for self consumption. You have to fill in the application form and with that you need to send the electrical CoC and PR. Eng certificate/letter for the installation as well as a line diagram of the installation and the certificate for the inverter where it states that it is NRS compliant. So even if you put a grid limiter on an inverter and the inverter certificate has all the European and whatelse compliant standards on it, if it does not show NRS they don't see it as being save. You can take a chance and install the system but if they notice your system is not registered they send a letter stating that you need to register the system and if you don't do it within a month, they will disconnect you from the grid.
  12. CoCT do not test the inverters they need to be sent to a testing facility like TUV Rheinland or Bureau Veritas to be certified for NRS which cost quite a bit of money if you are a local manufacturer. I know MLT Inverters had a professor from Stellenbosch university do the testing on their inverters for the NRS, but they had to go through a lot of red tape before it was allowed.
  13. Some auto electricians will do it for you and also try Afrox, if they have the cable and lugs they will do it.
  14. The last conversation I had with the City of Cape Town which was 2 months ago, I was told that any inverter that is connected to the grid, even if it does not feed back in to the grid must be NRS certified and the installation must be registered. I'm not sure about other areas in S.A
  15. @Don a 3pole 230v 20A contactor and you can get it at most electrical shops they are between R300 - R400, the mini contactor is about the size of a 3phase 60A main breaker


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