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  1. So sorry to hear about your problems. Sadly I am now seeing often seeing "installers" that will not do aftersales service. . Name and shame them! Also what area are you?
  2. Just some feedback.... I switched off the AC supply to Slave inverter for weeks with no problems. But that was because my 14kW bank always make it through the night. Last night I forgot to switch off my borehole pump and at 2am the system tripped when the battery got to cut off voltage. The Master can not switch to utility if the Slave does not also have AC supply. @Calvin I remember you mentioning that you would be surprised if this works. You were right, it does not. If one is off grid, both are.
  3. You cant bring into account degradation of the battery but over the same period exclude Eskom tariff increases. (On average 11%p.a over the last 10 years)
  4. Did you ever pair it with another phone? I think I have read somewhere that it can only pair with one device.
  5. I am running 2.49 and 71.93 and no issues with the bluetooth. It must be something else. Are you trying to use the watchpower app?
  6. Yes you must. Upgrade the MCU first then DSP. Good luck with this. It can be frustrating for some.
  7. Seeing that you dont want any sort of backup a Grid-tie setup would probably be best suited to your needs.
  8. On the OG models it is Menu 28. Just change it to "SIG". (The inverter must be off when changing this)
  9. Yes I heard the same when I installed the second but it works. Does not seem to matter which one or in fact both have Grid or not.
  10. You asked the question. This would be directly related to you settings.
  11. None of this is charged? What do you mean? What is your settings, SBU,SUB, USB?
  12. I must say my system is running flawlessly. I run them SBU. Slave utility supply switched off permanently. Only master allowed to charge from Utility at Max 2A. Both not allowed to BYPASS. I have no issues starting 2.2kW pump even with 2kW loads on. Also no problem boiling kettle with 4kW loads running. Battery full by 16:00. Surviving every night with bank still at 24-30% SOC. Back to grid set at 48V. Not using Watchpower, ICC or any software at this stage. Although I use watchpower app to check things from time to time. I am very happy.
  13. What monitoring software are you using? I suspect that it goes to Line mode, charges the battery and is back on battery mode when you wake up and thus you assumption that it does not go to utility.
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