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Solis 6kw hybrid inverter operation mode


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Good day all

I have searched but it seems that not many have used the Solis 6kw hybrid inverter. For those who have, may I please pick your brain a bit.

I have taken the plunge to install 4x535W panels with the Solis 6kw hybrid inverter in a grid tied configuration (with a conlog bec23 prepaid meter). I also have 2 x 4,8kWh pylontech up5000 batteries connected.  Thanks to the guys at conlog I have successfully deactivated the load line reversal trip with the token they gave me.

My question is on the running program/mode of the inverter. I am currently running on "self use" mode as I want to charge the batteries with the surplus power not used and then cycle the batteries to 30% during the night. I have found that we will just about make it through the night on the 70% of the battery used. But now, what about load shedding or like in Middelburg the municipality decides it is time for a power cut. Is there some way to program the inverter so that in cycles to 20% when the grid input is lost?

During stage 2 loadshedding we sometimes have the time slot of 3AM to 5AM or 5AM to 7AM. That is when the batteries might be at 30% depending on the usage we had during the night. Thats why I would like the extra 10% available if we loose the grid.

Thanks in advance


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@Rolo That is nice inverter I'm looking at upgrading to it or the sunsynk when my municipality allows grid feeding. 

There should be a setting called low battery cut off, for example I cycle my batteries down to 20% but the cut off is 15%.

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