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Growatt 3kW 24V Inverter - Battery Selection


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Hi All,

I have a Growatt 3kW inverter that is currently running on 2x 200Ah 12V AGM batteries.

Lately with all the load shedding it seems that the batteries are not keeping up and produces the battery low voltage alarm often. The batteries are about 2years old. I feel that the batteries might be on their way out.

So the question is what lithium 24V batteries can be recommended for my setup.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

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Perhaps your batteries are unbalanced ? Test with a meter.  Your tale of woe with short LA battery life is common place. A friend bought 4x 200AH Chahdas and after a year he, like you, noticed a capacity degradation. I tested the capacity of one of them for him and after a year it had dropped to about 110AH.  Sad thing is that he noticed the degradation after 10 months but the supplier insisted there was no problem. WIthout capacity testing the battery how could they know !!!

Going the Lithium way is a no-brainer but for the Pylontech 24V, remember the UP2500 can only deliver a max continuous current of 55A so at 24V you will only be able to draw approx 1.3 kW. 

Options ? Buy ready built unit (I installed one at a friend who has a 24V 3000W axpert and it works just fine. This one - 24v 200Ah 5.1kWh (tested 5.2kWh usable @ 40A) LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Wall Mount Solar UPS Battery | Lithium Batteries South Africa (lithiumbatteriessa.co.za)

It can supply 100A max.

Or you could build your own if you are technically inclined from a kit from the same company. 

Or source the different components yourself and build your own. Is a lot of fun. 

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Hello to all the fundis. I am hoping to get a little peace of mind or solid direction before I take the plunge today. May I ask advise on this:

I currently have a Growatt 3kW inverter with a PylonTech US3000 3.5KwH - which works beautifully but need additional battery storage due to our ever increasing Eskom drama. Got an installer who purchased and attempted to add a US3000C. Much drama and could not get BMS to work effectively. I will save the details BUT I have now sourced stock of 2x US3000C.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1)   will having 2x US3000C vs the current US3000 & US3000C mix resolve my (installers) issue? I am not tech savvy and honestly just don't have the luxury of time to keep trying different settings etc (due to work pressure and the need to be UP and RUNNING at all times)   Am I making a mistake buying the 2x Pylons with the current Growatt? Is there going to be a struggle?     2) Is there an Inverter better suited to the PylonTEch battery setup?   Don't want 1x 5kw battery as it isn't enough and can't have 2x 5kw as not enough panels etc. Can't upgrade to 5KwH inverter as no space for thicker (6mm) cable in conduit???    ANY solid advice or even someone who actually managed to get 2x PylonTech stack with Growatt 3kw to work (and prepared to help)??? Tx guys 

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