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Battery 100% but still getting 1A of charge.


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To echo the same sentiment as Poweruser. We need to know the battery and inverter.

If it's a lead acid battery then it's float charging which lithium doesn't do.


If it's lithium how do we know if electricity is going in or out of the battery? 54 watts is about right for powering an axpert type inverter.

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I would also say it is the self use to power the inverter. No need to worry. Not knowing your display but the right hand side will give the power out of the battery to the load. 

Your last icon showing 54W from battery is to drive the inverter logic circuits. 

1st thing to learn about Axpert is that readings are indications and not always very accurate. SOC is the worst. 

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On 2021/11/12 at 7:20 AM, jeb345 said:

My batteries are at 100% charge but still being supplied 1A of charge. Anyone know why this is?

It takes a little current to keep a battery at 100%, especially a lead acid battery. So a float charge will push a small current, 1 A is not unusual. Batteries are designed to accept that level of current continuously; it merely supplies losses internal to the battery.

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