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Axpert 3phase + 3phase generator setup


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I need to setup a 3phase inverter + PV array + battery bank on the farm, and want to use a generator for standby when it's needed. My initial choice would be 3x Axpert MKS 5Kva inverters + a 5Kw 3phase inverter from Adendorf.  


Does anyone know if this combination will work? I don't have either yet and need to know if this will work before I buy the units.

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Any specific reason for going 3ph?

If you have loads of 3ph motors, like borehole pump, could they be run from a 1ph to 3ph inverter perhaps?


If really going 3ph, the question is which is better, a single 3ph unit, or 3 x 1ph units?

There's 3phase in the house and most of the tools in the garage run 3phase 380V as well. 


3x Axpers work out quite a bit cheaper than 1x 3phase inverter. 

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We do it a lot up to 4kw motors. It works out a lot cheaper than 3ph invertors. That is now using a 1ph inverter for a 3ph motor.

Bottom line is you have to make sure the motor connections can support 3ph @ 230V.


Regarding the original question about connecting a genset to the inverter input.

I have seen an option on my Infini unit for generator input, but never used it.

I also know the Victron units have special settings for generator power.

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