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Inverter USB


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Good day guys.



I need help.

On a raspberry PI, I plug in my inverter via the USB. 


I need a code that can pull the data for me?

and / or

Program that can decompose the  data and publish to mqtt.


If there is some one that can help or point me in the right direction please.

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Basically you are looking for software? 

There are other software as well out there, should be able to find it online.

If you received watchpower on a CD with your inverters, I know that you can install it on a Linux OS (Rasp Pi). I just can’t get it working, it might be that I plugged it into the wrong port or something.



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6 hours ago, idb said:


Then you just need the protocol manuals. In particular, look at the QPGS command, which gives you a lot of information in one response.

Example protocol manual: http://forums.aeva.asn.au/uploads/293/HS_MS_MSX_RS232_Protocol_20140822_after_current_upgrade.pdf

See also two other protocol manuals available from the AEVA PIP-4048MS and PIP-5048MS Inverters forum.

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3 hours ago, Elbow said:

Woooah! That is interesting! One thing I've been thinking of is making a Venus appliance for Hassio. Cause Hassio appliances are just docker images. The one thing I was unsure of is how to pass devices from the outside (host OS) into the container... and this has kinda shown me that it can be done.

Why? Well, cause then one can stop maintaining Debian packages. Just run the entire thing in Docker.

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Hi idb

I saw your post by accident and I am not sure if you have come right with what you wanted

I am currently using a Raspberry Pi3 running the software mentioned above. The software already publishes all the inverter info to a MQTT broker on that RPi. I have a second Raspberry Pi which runs it own broker which I use to subscribe to the published messages and incorporate that into my Home Assistant software. I did need to also run Node Red on the first RPi to just transfer the MQTT messages between the brokers of the RPis. Did not want to use cloud-based MQTT brokers.

If you look on the website, there is a ICC MQTT software download. I am not 100% sure of what exactly it does, but it looks like it might do what you need in order to just get the Inverter info  already captured.

Here is a Link: https://iccsoftware.co.za/product/icc-mqtt/

Maybe this can help

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