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Lead Crystal Batteries


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Hi guys,


Below is an extract from the Lead Crystal Batteries - User Manual.


You can send me a PM with you email address and I will gladly forward you the complete document or any other info you might need.



Compared to mainstream rechargeable industrial batteries like lead acid,
lead gel and AGM batteries, Lead Crystal

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Have a set of 8 x 150 Ah . Lead Crystal batteries Betta batteries from Deltec . Part of the maintenace program is to discharge the batteries 70 - 80 % and then recharge them every 6 months . I have the spec to charge the batteries . It is stated that this prosess must be done in +- 8 hours . Please can somebody tel me what is a safe discharge rate . After 1 year I am verry satisfied with these batteries performance . I have used Trojans before and as benchmark the Betta do very well .


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4 hours ago, Chris Louw said:

can somebody tel me what is a safe discharge rate .

They are essentially AGM batteries, so discharge rates up to about C/5 is fine. I assume what you have is two strings of 150Ah each, so total capacity is 300Ah, so you want a discharge rate of no more than around 50 ampere (I'm hand-wave derating it a bit for Peukert).

I'm not sure if these batteries really need to be discharged and recharged like this. The lead-crystal thing was -- so I believe -- somewhat of a scam. It's not a bad battery, but it's not a bad battery in the sense that good AGM batteries are not bad batteries. I doubt they need anything a normal lead acid doesn't needs to stay good.

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