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Inverter suggestions - Goodwe or others?


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Hi guys,

Six months ago I installed a system with the 4.6kw Goodwe (based on the excellent advice I'd received on this forum)...very happy with it!

Now a mate of mine wants to install, and I'm suggesting the Goodwe (fits his requirements well as a hybrid grid-tie).

But, we all know technology moves at lightning speed...is there anything new on the market that you guys would recommend over the Goodwe?   (apart from the previous Victron vs. Goodwe discussion).

Cheers, Markus




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Sunsynk is another good hybrid inverter option. Comes in 5kw and 8kw. Has 2 MPPTs and has a nice touch screen colour display. Easy to configure and talks to pylontech bms. 

No additional hardware or software required except for the WiFi module that not always included in the list price. 

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30 minutes ago, markus_m2 said:

Interesting, thanks guys...why do you say Sunsynk is a better option? What makes it better (besides the price)?

1. Aux output. You can have an essential and non essential output and configure them accordingly. You could use the aux for a generator input, micro inverter input or wind turbine input. 

2. Zero to home. You can send excess solar to loads before the inverter and basically zero the municipal meter. This can come from solar or batteries depending on how you set it up. 

3. Support. Their support is picking up and getting better. 

4. 2 MPPTs means you have more options in string configuration and directions with unbalanced strings on different MPPTs. 

5. No additional hardware required. When I looked at going blue, the additional hardware required to get the same functionality pushed the cost up significantly. 


These are my personal top 5 reasons for going with the 8kw sunsynk inverter. 

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15 minutes ago, Dani said:

Can you please provide details and explanation. I think 3 strings is the way to go. 

The sunsynk can accommodate a micro inverter on the aux input as ac coupled.

It does not have to be a micro inverter and can be another grid tied inverter where the output of this inverter is ac coupled to the aux input on the sunsynk. The micro inverter/did tied inverter would have its own string of panels. 

The sunsynk had its own 2 MPPTs that can be configured independently of each other. 

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