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Good battery for Goodwe Inverter System

Johan Gericke

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Good Day All.

I please need assistance regarding the right choice of solar battery.

I presume the new Hubble 4.8KW battery advertised by PowerForum is of great quality. Any one can confirm? Will this battery be compatible with the Goodwe inverter?

I stumbled on another battery- see picture attached - don't see any name but the specs look the same as the rest. Anyone perhaps have the same battery that can give feedback? 

Or should I just go with Pylontech as this is the most popular battery on the market?

Looking forward to you comments.



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Any chance of changing your mind on the Goodwe inverter? Yes, I know I’m sounding like a broken telephone.

If you insist on the Goodwe, it wants that BMS integration to work properly. Non integrated systems aren’t recommended by them. And, ideally, you want that if you want an install and forget solution. That goes for pretty much any inverter. Even the guys doing their own battery packs are engineering interfaces to get intelligent interaction between the inverter and battery, as opposed to a basic BMS style setup.

‘Again, it all depends on how dirty you want to get your hands with making inverter and battery play nice with each other.

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Hi Paul,


THa is very interesting, i am also using a goodwe, also the 5048es at my home installation, and have a axpert or votronic at my office.... imo the goodwe was light years ahead of the voltronic.... but i was recently wondering how the sunsync would compare since the similar pricing and the units on paper does look impressive.... that is good news to have another option....


@gbyleveldt i have been using my goodwe with 5 x 4.8kw lithuiom batteries not supported by the inverter firmware for almost two years no with no problems... without the bms functionality or control from the inverter.... the batteries all have built in bms... and the goodwe is pretty good in terms of how you can manually manipulate the settings for a lithuim battery if it is an unspported one... s so not sure if i am missing something, but surely if you set the correct voltages for charge, float, discharge etc then all should be well, and if not then the batteries own bms should intervene should something go pear shaped.... to be honest the only issue is probably that the soc is not reported that accurately possibly since it is not estimated by the inverter based on voltages... however doing the calcs manually when looking at what the inverter estimates and if i look at what battery usage was i reckon it is accurate within 5% which is probably good enough....


so @Johan Gericke i am sure Bains battery should work fine, you will just need to manually configure the settings.....

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Our Goodwe is about 6 years old and two years ago I replaced the lead acid batteries with two Pylontechs.  Due to the age of my Goodwe, I had to buy an EzConverter as well to allow communication between the two but it works fine.  The Pylontech does limit the charge current (to prolong its lifetime I presume) which the Goodwe picks up and deal with accordingly.  I don't know the other batteries, but the Pylontech's work.


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2 hours ago, Johan Gericke said:

Thank you all for the comments. Already helpful. At this point I am also very happy with my Goodwe Inverter. I just want clarity on which batteries will work good with the inverter.

@Saintsorry for asking, but what is BAINS battery. The one in the image of a separate new make battery I should look at? 

The battery you posted is a Bain's battery or otherwise known as Lithium batteries sa. You could also look at the BSL Bull battery from Powerforum-store. If you look at some of the user installations quite a few used them.

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