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Do we always have to put a fuse on the positive side of the battery?


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49 minutes ago, Richard Mackay said:

No you don't but it's normally standard practice to do it this way..

Okay thank you.

If I would like to use one. Could I use this one? Quick reminding about the solar panel I want to buy: Nominal current (Imp) 4.3 A. Short-circuit current (Isc) 5.98 A.


Can I connect this to a 10A EPEVER Mppt charge controller? How?

And if you know some videos about fuses, I am grateful.

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According to my CoC guide you have to have a fuse for both neg and pos.

Also, I see more current going through my neg side so I had to choose only 1 side to protect it would be my negative side. 

Even my fuses I have on my PV side was sized to small, and the result was that my negative side fuse had blown, not positive side...


I am absolutely no expert in the field whatsoever - just sharing my observations....

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