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1st Inverter Purchase


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Hi, I figured before I confirm which inverter I purchase. I'd ask around here from the experts. 

I am not so interested in battery run operations currently and use about 1000kwh per month. I've had sensors on my appliances for many months and want to go solar purely for a cost savings exercise to power these appliances during the day


-pool pump


-internet fiber etc. 


Also interested in pushing some back to the grid while I still can (Tshwane wants to switch everyone to smart meters on the next two years. 

options on inverters I've looked at include the

- axpert king and

-infinisolar e5.5


But there are so many others. I won't be able to spend much more than R15k on an inverter! 


Help please? 



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Axpert king is an off grid inverter, cannot push back, also does NOT operate without batteries

as far as I know the Infinisolar can push back but there are not too many installations out there, so might have a hard time getting help.

you could go the Axpert VM III which can blend solar and pv, but cannot push back either, can run without batteries and has 450 volt max on pv voltage, so that you van have quite a few panels in series and cut down on the wiring,

you could also look at the Solis grid tied inverters

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On 2021/04/29 at 8:04 AM, Bloubul7 said:

Have a look at the Deye and SunSynk inverters.  Yes they do cost a little bit more but will provide you with more flexibility, stability and options in the future.

The Axpert and Infinisolar inverters do work well but are not hassle free and does require some tinkering normally.

I agree. The Sunsynk/Deye is a hybrid inverter, that comes as an all-in-one package, with MPPT trackers and all... You can choose to store the energy, use the energy or feed back into the grid. Also, I like it being bi-directional, which means that I can use my solar energy on the grid side of the inverter as well, so I do not need to power everything on the LOAD or UPS side of the inverter. This gives a lot of flexibility, as I can connect the heavy loads (stove, ACs, geyser) on the grid side. I have the 5.5 Sunsynk and works like a charm! Yes a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for...

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