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Axpert Inverter 5kw


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Hi I'm not sure about the 5000 watt inverter that only takes 4000 watts solar.

Usually if you stay within the voltage spec the inverter will clip the amps if you overspec on the pv panels.


I have 5700 watt of pv panels on a 5000 watt inverter installed 2 months ago and I have not seen it go over 4500 watts but it is winter so will wait to see how it behaves in summer.

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13 hours ago, Dirkie said:

the inverter say that the pv can take 4000w does that mean I can put up a pv string of 5000w but the axpert inverter wil only let 4000w in or will it damage the inverter.

5000 W compared to 4000 W rated is 25% over; that's the very outside maximum I would ever put on an Axpert. The issue is the poor battery voltage regulation; with more panels, the inverter-charger is more likely to overshoot the battery voltage, and for longer. Also undershoots, but those won't damage the battery, just waste a little usable PV energy.

12.5% over is no problem; 20% is usually OK; 25% is pushing things.

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