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Cable crimping help needed


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I guess this a battery cable.

In the case you cannot get anyone with a large crimper to help you.

This not the best method however it works as an alternative. 

Strip the wire and fit the lug.  Put the lug with the wire in a vice and close vice tightly. 

This will flatten the lug which is not the best. Pull on the wire to check and if a little loose, repeat.

You can also put a screw on the side of lug  and tighten after the first attempt to put an indentation in the lug to stop the wire from coming loose

Something to keep in mind.  Loose or bad connections with large amounts of current is bad news.

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10 hours ago, Venom said:

Ardendorf sells a small hydraulic crimper with different jaw sizes perfect for crimping lugs to battery cables. Remember to finish off your cables make sure to get heat shrink to seal off the end of your cable and lug.

Buy the whole tool which you will probably never use again, just to crimp two lugs? 😳  

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21 hours ago, Venom said:

I find being a hobbyist solar enthusiast I always have a use for my crimper. 🤷‍♂️

Out of interest, assuming that you have already crimped your battery cables and all your MC4 connectors, what else do you crimp? I would understand if you were an installer or occasionally help out friends with installations😀 

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LOL 🤣😂🤣😂, first off I like tools and I help friends crimp there cables for their systems. One last thought I also have a vehicle parked in my garage that I probably drove 3 months ago because of covid. With the luxury of Sixty 60 and other delivery service I don't have to leave the house to buy groceries and I work from home. Sell my vehicle and use a Uber no thankyou safer off using my vehicle when I need to, maybe the same applies to my crimper I use once every now and again 🤷‍♂️.

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