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My Eskom Killer


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External grid : Eskom (old Rotating meter store exess power in grid, to avoid cycling batteries at night)

Hybrid inverters:  2 X Victron Multiplu 48Volt/5000VA/70Amp, (master slave parallel operation give 10000VA),

Victrons Include multistage chargers limited to 60A+60A=120A Battery charging current.

Internal Grid: 2 X Eltek THEIA HE-t 4.4 grid-tie inverters providing power directly to load at 97% effeciency. excess is routed back to grid or batteries by victrons. 

The Victrons also Throttle excess power on Eltek's through frequency shifting when eskom down.

Batteries : 24 X 2V @ 500A Lead Crystal Batteries CNF J-500, providing 48V @ 500A

20 X 305 W Monocrytaline panels , arranges in 2 strings of 10 panels at 360V feeding into the two Eltek inverters respectivly

A BMV-600S battery monitor tells, what coming and going.

Effergy engage,  cloud based power monitor keeps track of usage.



Lead Crystal Batteries.jpg

6100w solar array.jpg

Power Room 2.jpg

Power Room 1.jpg

Victrons and Elteks working together.jpg

Eltek THEIA HEt 4.4 Gridtie.jpg

Victron up close.jpg


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Thanks Jaco,

The Systems certainly keeps the lights on and make 38KW/h on a good day,  but I have a shading problem on the one string in the winter, which was a design compromise when I designed the house, but watch this space, I am busy  cooking up a new plan.



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l like your set up l am trying to do the same ac coupled system with two 10kva Quattros and 4 Eltek inverters. 4.4kw. I have not yet set up the frequency shifting. l would like to know the settings that you applied and also do you have the installer's password?

beautiful set up.



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