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  1. Did you come right? I'm looking as a similar install to yours, and this "unbalanced" cell issue has me a bit worried
  2. You're actually restricted to how much your batteries can supply.... BUT, if they're able to supply more than 5kW, then you're correct.
  3. Currently, element is a 2kW... Nothing installed yet, will initially have about 4kW solar, but planning on adding as I go. Just want to make sure the inverter setup is correct.
  4. Ok, but based on the SG03LP1, is my reasoning reasonable? 10kW vs 8'ish? Want to make sure I can fire my geyser, and, if my timing is off (from a load point of view), my house won't shut down. Looking to go as "far off the grid as possible"
  5. Ok, so, 2x5kW Axperts will allow me to “blend” 10kW, but 1x5kW Sunsynk will allow only “8’ish”?
  6. Thanks... I’m just trying to make sure that, when I need more power than my panels are providing, that the system will only supplement the load, and not switch over completely. Not interested in selling back (for now I guess)
  7. Open ended question, but assume there are inverters (other than Sunsynk) that do supply blending? By blending (my understanding is) being able to use grid, battery and solar if needed.
  8. This thread has been a proper rollercoaster for me... I've been wanting to run my geyser off the AUX port on my (still to be purchased) system, but if it doesn't work, then I'm thinking of going the Axpert route... WAY cheaper... BUT, if it does work....
  9. To jump in (mainly because I'm looking to pull the trigger soon), can I ask 2 things? 1) do you really need the 8Kw inverter? and the 2 batteries? My usage is on par with yours, and I'm fairly confident I'll be able to get away with a 5Kw inverter and 1 battery. 2) I assume you "night" usage is high because of the geyser? have you thought of ways to mitigate this? Interested because I'm hoping (with similar consumption) that my payback period can get drastically cut with a smaller system
  10. Need to add... I'd like to be able to monitor the #### out of it, so, compatibility with some software would be REALLY nice...
  11. I'm meeting my installer this weekend, and we're going to choose products for my install, but I have a couple of questions... I've pretty much decided I want the Sunsynk inverter... probably the 5kW (maybe the 8 depending on price) but where I fall down is on batteries.... We'll go over his thoughts and recommendations, but I'm keen on hearing experienced points of view... Hubble seem to talk nicely to the inverter, but I'm concerned that 5kWh might not be big enough. SolarMD? My installer rates them highly (comes in a 7.4kWh) Sunsynk? The Ellies site shows that they have their "own" batteries? Pylontech? Also rated highly, but I've been reading there might be "problems"? Any other options people can put their name behind?
  12. Just adding a picture quickly... just worried about the 3kW spike that lasts approx 20s each time the button is pressed
  13. All this happening in my backyard... I'll be following this closely... Will be a very useful addon!
  14. While I wait for my quote from Steve (5kW inverter), I suddenly had a thought... We've had an instant hot water heater that we use to make tea/hot chocolate etc... and are in love with the convenience, BUT, it uses 3000w every time we press that little button... From my Efergy monitoring, I only really go over a peak of 4kW when the geyser is on... which I'll manage, BUT what I'm wondering is this... Does anyone else have a similar device? and how do you manage the use?
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