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  1. Bet you are itching to get going now. Have you planed the essential and non essential etc.. Great fun ahead, enjoy.
  2. The SunSynk 8.8Kw has two MPPT's, with two inputs each.
  3. Would be lovely to have some feedback on your new "26L/min Paloma gas water heater". How does it perform on different flow demands, how many Kg of gas per hour, etc. Can you use hot and cold with the shower or only hot? Hope you are happy with your purchase in the end.
  4. If your budget is limited to between R25k - R30K, then this slight upgrade "hoohloc" suggested will be good for now. Don't bother with 24V systems in this price range, they are for R4000.00 UPS's, not whole house systems. As far as I can remember, Pylontec batteries are .5C, and therefor during load-shedding will only supply 1.75 Kw. What I've done is install a buzzer through a 240V relay to let the family know when municipal power is off, so as not to drain the batteries unnecessarily.
  5. Such a beautiful sight to behold, now get it up on the wall and working. I've been enjoying mine for the past 3 months now, and have never regretted the purchase. Enjoy you're solar journey, and now load shedding is a thing of the passed, and high electricity bills will be banished.
  6. If at all possible, get some batteries for your system. With lightning around I have noticed short drops and "flicks" on the incoming municipal AC supply. With no batteries to maintain inverter function, it will "die", i.e. it will be in the OFF state, and you will have to press the ON/OFF button to switch it ON again. Scratch around for four 12V used batteries if you don't want to spend money on batteries at the moment.
  7. Interesting chart. The prices seem to move in a wave function, but always continue in an upward trend. Never good for normal folk like us, because income rarely matches the upward trend. PV is costly, but absolutely worth it in this country, especially with load shedding, poor maintenance and forward planing of infrastructure.
  8. I have a Delta 12L, but like I said, the experience is nothing like a normal geyser. It's there for emergency, not "normal" use, as I enjoy a proper shower and one family member enjoys a deep warm bath in this cold weather.
  9. Gas water heaters are "fiddly" devices to use. Don't expect to use the shower in the same way you do with a conventional geyser. Even with a large 16L to 20L device, the flow is NOT the same. If you are a water saver and run "slow" water flow, the device will shut off the flame, etc. I only really use mine for real emergencies. Filling a bath is time consuming too.
  10. If you're in the KZN midlands in and oldish house you should already have an old disk meter, therefor 12K is not needed. You must live close to where I am, as you've just described the last few days I've had with long stretches of no power. Thankfully my 8K Sunsynk has just received two lovely Hubble AM-2 batteries to help through the bad times. The old gel batteries were no match for the outages. While on the subject of geysers, I'm also running a 20 tube solar collector which keeps my geyser hot, but unfortunately with this latest rainy weather I have to rely on the electrical element for heat. With decent weather it can get insanely hot at over 80 degrees C. I can't remember the geyser getting to over 90, because the relief valves on the collector and geyser won't allow it.
  11. I think most on this forum agree with what you say, that is why we are all investing in whole house solar systems. A number are also investing in water independence too, which will become critical in time. The sooner anyone becomes self sufficient, the better for him and his family in this country and world. Governments the world over, and especially the local cANCerous one have shown they care nothing for the tax paying population, but only enjoy their power trips and drinking at the trough supplied by the tax paying few. Once you no longer require services they control, you become slightly more free, and those at the trough loose a degree of power, especially over you and your family.
  12. I'm running a 20 tube solar geyser with a controller I made up using a Nano, small display, thumb joystick for input, and two DS18B20 temperature sensors, one for the geyser temp, and the other for the solar temp. Depending on temp delta, the pump is controlled. There are other control functions too, for min geyser temp, etc. My setup has been running fine for +- 8 years now. Only problems I've had were a freak hail storm a year or so back which took out four tubes, and insane lightning which killed the two temp sensors. Besides this all has worked smoothly. Good luck with your setup, and hope you enjoy building it.
  13. What is the starting temperature in the morning of your geyser, and how many degrees per day does your setup generate on average? Do you use a lot of hot water per day? Thanks
  14. Lovely long post, I understand what your saying. I'm just sick and tired of the "authorities" always misusing their powers to "our" detriment. They are supposed to our public servants, but by their arrogance and abuse of power, you wouldn't think so. They should run lean, non profitable organizations, but we are burdened with bloated inefficient Municipalities and organizations all the way up to parliament. Most authoritarian laws are NOT there for our benefit, but for theirs. On a side note, maybe a slingshot is acceptable to bring a drone down.
  15. Shoot the drones down, this is and invasion of privacy.
  16. Hope you have many years of happiness, saving on power bills, with your inverter and panels.
  17. Yip, all things solar are expensive. Especially battery storage. Looks like you want to be able to handle +- a day off the grid for an average size house. Once you have solar too, you can last even longer.
  18. Once you're complete with your install, Eskom won't load-shed for months to come.
  19. Looking at that datasheet, only 50A will be drawn from the battery, then it'll need 120V to be able to provide 6000W output. You right about that problem. Maybe make up a custom lithium battery with the right BMS. A couple of people on the forum enjoy doing such projects.
  20. Hope you enjoy your time on the forum. There are many knowledgeable and helpful people, and other newbie's too. Can you share what equipment you have installed, or are planing to install. Always interesting to hear about different setups.
  21. Looking at the specs De0n19 gave. Simplest choice is to start with a Hubble AM-2 lithium battery at 5.5Kw. The low end of this inverter is 40V, so no problem there, as the Hubble's range is 42V to 53.6V. This inverter can charge or discharge at 66A, the Hubble will have no problem with this, as its a 1C device, and can supply 100A. If you need more storage, but NOT more voltage (which you don't need) you can parallel 15 of these batteries to give yourself 82.5 Kw. Look on the powerforum shop for these batteries to get prices and specs. https://powerforum-store.co.za/collections/featured-products/products/hubble-lithium-am-2-51v-5-5kwh100ah
  22. Thanks for the info, I'll stay away from the bad one's. I normally get my stuff from Midlands Solar in Pietermaritzburg, and so far am happy, with no problems. Its a small shop, but he seems to be able to source most things, if he has none in stock. These MC4's don't have a brand name, but I've had no issues at all.
  23. You have an 8.8 KW inverter, and 1 Hubble AM2, the most your battery can give is 100A, therefor +- 5000W. Maybe your inverter wanted more, but couldn't get it so faulted out with a F20?
  24. As hoohloc says the Geyserwise PTC element is a good start, and is about 15% more efficient than your current resistive element. Have a look at the link below. Depending on your geyser size, select the appropriate wattage. https://www.geyserwise.com/products/elements/2200-w-ptc-ac-element/ Gas is an option too, but then plumbing is needed, and using a gas geyser is a totally different experience, which some people don't like.
  25. Thanks for the heads up. Was the connection intermittent or high resistance in the bad connectors?
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