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  1. Does it have an WiFi card on it? Most probably your inverter has available a firmware upgrade as well. The best thing is to contact Goodwe, they are very helpful. You have to give them the serial number of your inverter and they would be able to help.
  2. Now on a serious note, thank you Elbow for the suggestion. I will mark the kill switch properly. Actually there is one, the changeover switch in the generator position switches off the power to the house. The generator has to be connected manually if needed. I also have to change the name on some changeover switches, the inverter position is actually for inverter backup circuits which was for the Axpert but now not needed with the grid tie inverter. In case of load shedding I have to activate the backup circuits on the inverter manually.
  3. I got a COC but the CTN people live in another country so for the other country I would have to add an extra Switch. For the country I live in I just have to mark the middle position of a change over switch as All Off
  4. For my install to materialise it took the knowledge and kindness of Jacques Schickerling who answered all my questions and a months of planning, then gettiung the parts, making the boards another 2 weeks. The installation took me 3 days, the hardest part was to transfer the back-up circuits from the old DB. The parts are not cheap but worth it because now I can install any inverter in less than 2 hours. You never know when trouble strikes. In my case the loong direct lightning strike on my roof, I had an ark on the roof for more than 7 seconds, flames and sparks everywhere, inverter completely
  5. Not if you have a flexible install like this. I started with Axpert and upgraded to Goodwe after a bad lightening strike.
  6. Hi Pilotfish They don't make it easy. I guess your choice is the best option.
  7. Hi SilverNodashi, Are you sure? I querried in Benoni and they told me export to grid is illegal
  8. Got it, I sent you a message. I have seen a Renesola (Rebranded Goodwe) for 39k at the Power Store
  9. Hi Jaco, where did you find the Goodwe 5.4KW for extra 10 K? Do you mean 16k + 10K?
  10. Hello JDP, where did you buy the 3A PSU for Pi from? Busy downloading raspbian for it. I will get the SD card from Makro tomorrow.
  11. Hello guys, My nightmare ended. The insurance paid but partially. I advise all of you with solar power systems to contact your insurance asap. In my case it turned out I was underinsured. I always had the impression that the buildings should be covered for the market value like a car but I was wrong. A house has to be insured for the replacement value. Also be sure you have contents cover which is not for theft as I thought but for replacement of contents if they get damaged by lightning for example. It is good to ask your insurance to send someone to check if you are properly covere
  12. If Pi3 has WiFi then I guess I will be ok. thanks guys. Now busy trying to find out if my warranty will be ok if I will paint the shell on a new Infini V. JDP, when can I buy the Pi application for Infini V from you?
  13. So what screen size should I get for Pi? It looks like I have to go to RS soon for a Pi3
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