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  1. For sale; x2 Solar MD 3.7Kwh Li-Ion wall mount units. About 18 months old. Well maintained and lightly used. Balance of the 10 year warranty in place. Please inbox for pics or questions. R25,000 each (ono)
  2. The situation with the Trojan AGM stock at Proinso is that Proinso have not adhered to Trojan charging recommendations for holding stock, and the stock had been allowed to drop to very low SOC, past what is recommend. This may have something to do with the "to good to be true" price.
  3. You can add me to that list. I also use MLT Inverters and MPPT's in my home as well being a distributor. I have used the usual suspects (including the famed blue boxes), and found MLT to be a superior product, including price and their far more consumer oriented design and on board touch screen. In my humble view, the best value LF transformer inverter on the SA market, and a massively accountable company with first rate pre and post sales support, and locally made to boot. No brainer. I hope more will discover the value and quality of the MLT brand. We sell their entire range, so feel fr
  4. I am hearing a lot of issues separately to this forum. Like any product, manufacturing and component quality are crucial. Support goes without saying. Let’s see if folks get the pillar to post treatment, or accountable after sales service. I hope the latter.
  5. Don't see any mention of considering company size/age? I personally would look at the likelihood of long term after sales support and ability to service their warranty, which in most cases significantly exceeds the age of the business itself. Food for thought! Lots of potential pitfalls for small companies, as good as their intentions may be.
  6. Trojan Sagm 12 205 is the same capacity and better quality battery with three times longer warranty. It’s also not very much more expensive than the OmniPower Chinese units.
  7. Just on the eq voltage of 58,4. This will only work if you were to hold this voltage for far more hours than are in a sunny day. You would have to do this with a stiff supply and would take a long long time. I will echo and reiterate the comments regarding SG readings. This is the best way to determine the SOC. You should do this at the end of the charge cycle, and if the SG readings are in spec, then your charge voltage is adequate. It also depends how your paneled in relation to your consumption, and how long the battery bank is able to sit at the absorb voltage. The shorter the a
  8. Sorry, should have been clearer. I didn’t mean that they are not making that size and spec battery, I meant the models/branding have all changed. SPRE line is now rated at 1900 cycles at 50% DOD as opposed to 1600 previously..
  9. Oops. Seems I should have read further into the thread. This was covered and then some.
  10. I think the reason for the discrepancy in that there are grey imports of used “second life” BYD branded batteries being bought into SA and these are not supported by BYD. This info came from reliable sources. The authorised distributor is Segen Solar, and this stock is supported and carry the manufacturer warranties . That is the story I got. I would stay clear of these cheap units, as the story goes of it’s too good to be true...............
  11. T105RE is discontinued. Trojan current line and spec sheets here. http://livingsolar.co.za/batteries/
  12. Your speaking my language. Banakble tier 1 manufactures. Simple. You get what you pay for. Buy from large reputable established manaufactues, otherwise your asking for a headache and a bad experience.
  13. Yes, it is very attractive. A 10 yr warranty from a 3 year old company is a gamble, especially in such a dynamic market with very large players like BYD with plans of ESS domination. Now a 93 yr old company with a long legacy of quality and large R&D facilities/budgets, that is another story all together. The products coming to market look great. But I would not expect Chinese pricing.
  14. Tojan have already launched a lithium battery - Trillium. Line will be expanded. The Lithium debate and which lithium brand is a never ending conversation. I am in favor of affordable and reliable storage, in whatever form that takes. But reliability/bankability and support from a established company is key. So for us Trojan AGM as a maintenance free ESS ticks the boxes today. It what I use in my own home. Lots of speculation as to what the ESS market will look like in 1-2 years. Guess we will see. I remain opened mined, and if we get a great energy storage solution that is af
  15. @The Terrible Triplett and at @DeepBass9 Feel free to message me guys, we are backed and accredited resellers for Trojan Battery in SA and can assist with the lay of the land when it comes to info on the various Trojan product lines, available stock etc, and will match any authorized resellers price. N.B - Also be aware of parallel imports on Trojan, there have been issues this year, and Trojan have made it clear that these batteries will NOT be supported or warrantied by them. Save you guys a bit of missioning...
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