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  1. Hie guys, anyone selling a second hand 24V 100Ah battery. Thanks in advance
  2. Hey guys, I'm an installer and have done more than 50 installations with Mecer, Kodak, Phocos Anygrid, RCT, Growatt etc. Yesterday I installed the RCT 3kVA 48V inverter from Rectron in Midrand, and to my surprise the inverter burst on switching on the ON/OFF switch. The inverter was installed with Dyness 3.6kWh 48V battery. Anyone envountered the same problem before? Thanks in advance
  3. Would take it if you were closer to Pretoria. I have a friend who need a 3kVA 24V inverter
  4. I have installed 2 phocos anygrid 5kW inverters and I'll recommend the inverter. Its a very solid and flexible inverter. I'll say its better than the infinsolar range and the pricing ia reasonable. It's also less noisy, its a very good inverter
  5. A: 5.6kW array for a 5kW array inverter is not that bad considering that in hot weather the efficiency is reduced and you can get say 80% of your array size. B: I think its not advisable to run these high frequency inverters at more than 75% of their rated capacity. Under full throttle, they tend to get quet hot which ia not good for electronics. It reduces the lifespan of the electrical equipment
  6. Yeah for example at 48V 240Ah, 20% discharge equal to 2.5kWh. Then at 50% DOD that will be around 6kWh which is around. 6kWH or 6 units is alot of backup power. And it's quite a lot of usable power. And still at 50% DOD they claim it's gonna go for 2500 cycles
  7. kkkkk yeah. So where are the other solar dealers getting the Omnipower batteries, are they getting them from Sinetech? If so why some of them sell the batteries at a cheaper price than sinetech like R300 less or so. Is there anyone to testify on their battery endurance, because the specs sheet indicates a cycle life of 4200 @ 20% DOD. That's more than 10 years kkkk. I think there is need for a user review here. Something is no t adding up
  8. I'm just curious. It seems Omnipower is a highly rated brand in SA and their products is quite expensive especially their battery range. But when you try to search more about them on internet there is a dead end. It's difficult to find info on their manufacturer like other big brands eg Trojan, Victron etc. They claim to have a 20 years experience but yeah their history is not traceable like Trojan, Victron, Narada etc. The spec sheet has a sinetech address in Randburg. My question is if they are such a high quality brand(according to specs at least) why are they not selling internationally l
  9. It will take years for them to understand what a deep cycle battery mean
  10. Ok...I like these low frequency inverters (transformer based). They last long and its a good investment
  11. I hope your site security is very good, because the ground mount is not elevated and is easy to access. What size is that Microcare Inverter
  12. I think it's good to consider Lead Acid batteries when you go 100% off-grid. You can consider 2V batteries which have a big Ah rating, they go as far as 1500Ah I think. But it will need regular maintenance and cool working conditions for them to last a long time. Because at such high energy needs, Li Ion or LiFePo4 becomes unbelievably expensive
  13. I get you Jaws. But in terms of cost I think fuses are costly in the long run in the sense that you have to change it after every faulty. But breakers is a matter of reseting and you are back online. I know of a guy who installed two axpects (48/5000VA) in parralel running from 4 Pylontech US2000 protected by a 80A fuse(he is amateur electrician of course). Each inverter had 9×JA solar 330s and the installation runs for about 5 days before the fuse blew up. So I think the fuses are not as efficient in real world as on paper. Because the 80A mark was surpassed so often it should have blown in m
  14. Oooh ok..so its all about the reaction time of fuses. Wonder why most appliances have built in fuses
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