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  1. Got the correct cable and it works, at last.
  2. So after numerous mails and phone calls between the installer and Segen it's come to light that the BMS pin configuration from a Voltronic inverter to a Pylontech UP2500 is different from the cable that is used in conjunction with the US2000/3000 batteries.
  3. Had a cable made up, problem still persists. Getting a cable from the supplier on Friday, hopefully.
  4. So I have confirmation on mail that Segen neglected to include the correct cable in the box of the inverter.
  5. Hi Jannie Thank you for the reply and sorry for hijacking your thread. Were you supplied the correct cable from your supplier/installer (solar-shop)? I suspect my supplier/installer did not order the cable from Segen when placing my order, now it's a hassle just to get any info from Segen if they do in fact supply this cable. I have found guys that do supply the correct cable, and want to get it asap.
  6. What a battle to have the BMS cable made up. For now I've managed to connect the inverter and battery via user defined settings and everything seems normal. Will however still attempt to get the correct cable.
  7. Thanks, hopefully I can buy the cable somewhere or have it made up.
  8. Attached are photos of my inverter and only cable supplied with the inverter. What I find perplexing is that there's no input for the RS232 on the inverter, unless it's only meant for comms between the inverter and PC?
  9. Hi Jannie I'm in the same boat, error 61 between Kodak OG3.24 and Pylontech US2500. I bought the Pylontech cable kit, on the box though it reads 1 x 3.5m CAN cable and from what I can gather the Kodak only does RS485. Which inverter supplied cable are you referring to? I only have 1 cable supplied with the inverter and it's and RJ45 on one end and RS232 on the other. Any help, please!!!
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