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  1. I'm very interested in the outdoor wifi equipment. I'm in Joburg, where are you based?
  2. I'm reading this as another potential fix would be to change the hairdryer to a more expensive one?
  3. It sounds like horseradish. I have a Deye inverter and I've run geysers, kettles, hairdryers, lawnmowers through it just fine. This is on batteries, or solar, or mains with 0 problems whatsoever. The more I read about the Axpert inverters the more I'm glad I didn't get one.
  4. I'm in JHB too. My 6.48kwp north facing array produced a peak of 1.6kw yesterday for a few minutes. Not great solar weather at all haha
  5. Thats cool. What sort of power output are you seeing at midday? I'm curious because of your installation being mostly west facing.
  6. How do you find the 4kwh and 8kwh battery work together? Can you get the 4kwh battery to discharge to an appropriate level while at the same time getting the 8kwh battery to discharge to an appropriate level too? Please explain how you did that
  7. Did you install that inverter, outside? Did you put a panel or something around it?
  8. Looks decent enough, good job! Why the battery on the floor though?
  9. I see facebook marketplace is full of stolen narada and shoto batteries. Leoch seems to have dissapeared.
  10. Your problem is that they are lead acid batteries. If discharger behavior has changed already to what you experienced previously then you've probably toasted them. Sorry mate.
  11. Why have the batteries on the floor like that? You can easily mount that panel onto a wall somewhere
  12. Try convince your client that they need to get Lithium batteries. I'm surprised the lead acid batteries lasted as long as that.
  13. Also stay very far away from lead acid batteries, they really are terrible.
  14. If you get the 8kw sunsynk or Deye inverter you can use the "smart load" feature to charge up your geyser when your batteries are full and when you have sufficient solar power. I've been doing this for the last 2 weeks and I can't really see the need for the Geyserwise or anything else at all.
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