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  1. I'm pretty sure you've undersized your inverter for your use case. In addition to my whole houses load, I have four computers, two of which could be classified as a "server", on the essential load side of my 8kW Deye inverter and I don't experience any "turn offs" or "restarts" when Eskom power disappears.
  2. Powerforum should start a blacklist to make it easier for newbies to avoid problems. @Keith Your thoughts?
  3. My experience is that I get around 85% real power out out my solar array on hot days. On cloudy cool days when the sun peaks out I occasionally would get like 115% power output from the panels. The increased power output doesn't last very long though and goes back down to the usual 85% once the panels get hot. I'm in Gauteng.
  4. Does Romic Consulting not know? Surely the installer, and presumably supplier, of your solar equipment should know what's going on? Please post some pictures of how they connected the system in parallel.
  5. I had to email Deye to enable this on my account as I couldn't get it working myself.
  6. There is a few things you can do remotely via the solarman business web app.
  7. Why not install a 220Volt contactor that gets energised when you have 220 volts coming from mains power and then use this contactor to allow power to be fed to pool only when its energised , i.e when mains is present.
  8. Eventually the perceived need to have data quicker than 5 minute intervals falls away. You don't really need it any faster than that to be fair. What's wrong with your geyser? I have a 4kw 200L geyser that I can't see the point of replacing. Smart load starts and stops the geyser for me perfectly without any effort whatsoever. You have a boatload of panels, I have half the panels you do and I almost always have excess solar capacity. You might find that you need more batteries, that seems to be the common realization I've found.
  9. Thanks for all the responses. I think I should look look for the source of this problem.
  10. Hey guys, I was looking at inverter through solarman and noticed my leak current value was 102ma. What sort of number are you guys getting here?
  11. Mexico is right next to USA? Can't you just jump in your car and go get what you need and come back?
  12. Yes I have this setup, on the Deye inverter though. Lithium Mode 0. The convertor box they supply does not give Canbus over the RJ45, you will need to use the CAN+ and CAN- terminals on the convertor box and connect it to the CAN+ and CAN- ports either on the terminals of your inverter or u can do it on the RJ45 port with some trouble.
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