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Victron Multiplius & Easysolar Special-Week 38!


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Victron Multiplius  & Easysolar Special-Special! Week 38! 

  • Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 2400W Inverter/Charger With CGX R20929.00 incl Vat
  • Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 4000W Inverter/Charger With CGX R30769.00 incl VAT
  • EasySolar 24/3000/70-50 - 230V-MPPT 150/70 With CGX R30875.00 incl VAT
  • EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 - 230V-MPPT 150/100 With CGX R 49859.00 incl Vat

Contact Details attached,

Powerforum Store. Thank you Everyone.


Datasheet-MultiPlus-II-inverter-charger-EN.pdf Datasheet-EasySolar-with-Color-Control-EN (1).pdf

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Greetings... I'm interested in the EasySolar 24/3000/70-50 - 230V-MPPT 150/70 With CGX. How can I order and also what are the noise levels of this unit under load or in standby mode. I live in a small flat where space is at a premium so ideally would love to have something with low noise decibels. My current MPP-Solar inverter is quite a racket.

Also, does this unit need a CT Clamp in order to make sure there's anti-islanding, meaning no power is sent back to the grid during a power blackout. I live of a pre-paid meter.


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Hi there - I bought through my installer - so I cant really say anything about how to order.

As far as I am aware the EasySolar is just a Multiplus ii packaged with a MPPT and a CGX (I dont have experience with the EasySolar, but I do have a Multiplus ii 3000)

The following is my obeservations on the Multiplus:
Noice levels under load while not excessive it is definitely noticable. In standby it is very quiet. My normal usage (between 300-1000 w/hr) it is mostly quiet and I basically am  not aware of it. The temperature of the unit does also impact at what load level the fans will kick in.

As far as I am aware anti-islanding is build into the Multiplus and you do not require a CT clamp.

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Much obliged for the quick response. I think I was avoiding the Multiplus due to having to then also buy the MPPTs separately over above the circuit breakers, disconnects, etc... which brings the prices up. Is your Multiplus II,3000 24v or 48v, what sort of pricing did you have to fork out and are you off grid or grid tied?

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48v - grid tied - average grid usage in winter = +-150 units/month - in summer its about 60. This does include both  geyser(I had a geyserwise timer installed + fitted a smaller 2kw element as well)  and stove usage. This is in a houshold of 2. 

The whole system cost about R200 000

System has been running now for year and a half - i am really impressed with it and quite happy. 


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