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Axpert screen symbols


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tmp_10301-IMG-20160529-WA0007931015378.jpgGood day, i am new to this forum, find your discussions interresting. I have 2 axpert inverters. On the one screen the centre top shows "HS" and on the other one , none. What is the difference and what does it mean?

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I don't think so but is easy enough to change.

With the LCD screen active

Hold in  the Enter key for 3 seconds

Use the up key to scroll from program 31 to 28 

Use the Enter Key to select program 28

Use up and down keys to select  appropriate setting

Push Enter key to save setting 

push Esc to return to display menus.


My unit will not allow me to select anything but SIG so I think you unit was connected in parallel at one time perhaps in the warehouse or by the installer in his workshop as a test.

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On 29/05/2016 at 5:14 AM, Chris Hobson said:

HS or H5 means that the unit thinks it is a master inverter in a two (or more) inverter installation.

It's actually "HS" in the firmware. "S" and "5" have the same 7 segment representation, as do oh and zero, "Z" and "2", but you can tell from the binary "string" in the firmware what it was intended to be.

I've sometimes wondered what HS stands for. Perhaps it was meant to me "MS" for MaSter, but the representation for M is poor - basically the bottom three segments of the "H" . So perhaps the programmer thought the representation for "H" was actually better at suggesting "M" than the representation for "M" itself. (Even though native English speakers tend to immediately see a capital H.) So that's my best guess - this is supposed to mean MaSter.

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On 2016/05/30 at 5:34 AM, Chris Hobson said:

My unit will not allow me to select anything but SIG

I should have mentioned: you need to have the inverter's rocker switch OFF to change setting 28; it's the only setting like that. If the switch is on, you can't change it from what it is set to right now. Have a charging source available (either AC-in or PV) so the inverter doesn't actually power down and go black as you are trying to change the setting.


4 hours ago, Flav said:

My invert is showing that H5 mode. Could it be the reason why its not charging on AC?

My instinct says no, logically it should make no difference, but that setting is checked quite a lot, so I guess it's possible. Certainly, try and change that setting to see if it fixes the problem.

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