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  2. I've started moving my Pi based systems over to AtomicPi. Form factor is a little larger, cost is about the same but the key difference is it has eMMC and can boot from USB. I have a few first gen NVME drives lying around and they go into usb3.1 enclosures beautifully. No more dead SD cards. Nice big passive heatsink on top.
  3. See the irradiance report that @Rautenk kindly agreed to publish. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/2109-is-your-system-legal-capetonians-have-till-28-feb-2019-to-register-their-systems/?do=findComment&comment=64401
  4. https://www.robotics.org.za/index.php?route=common/home Great service and lots of options...
  5. Contact the guys at ITS Solar, you might be able to get a new controller which has time of day/week settings. They might be able to put the new controller on your 'old' heat pump.
  6. I own a .177 silenced broomstick. That is all I'm permitted to say. Chat to your neighbours, explain the problem they might share your feelings. Pigeon poop in rain water collection systems are unhygienic and a hassle. Rock pigeons (Speckled pigeons) are the biggest problem, the normal cape turtle doves aren't. Using the broomstick is the only effective measure I've found. The rock pigeons aren't endangered and are actually a pest and considered to be a species that actually displace other endangered birds. PM me if you want detail. I'm not advising anyone to break the law here. You need to find a effective solution to this problem by yourself. There is this though: https://www.birdfreesa.co.za/shop/bird-free-optical-gel/
  7. If its not loaded and spinning freely it will be silent. But it won't make any angry pixies either.
  8. Hi Carel, this is something that has been discussed a few times on different threads and should actually become a sticky thread or a guide. But here goes: The pylons and the axperts don't talk to each other at all in a normal setup. The axpert reads voltages form the pylons and guesses (a Lithium has a very flat discharge curve that drops off quickly at the end. So its very difficult to use voltage to calculate SOC) the SOC. For a accurate SOC you need to ask the pylon what the SOC is. So you need some EXTERNAL device to chat to the pylon and chat to the axpert. A victron BMV 7xx is a option. The other option is a program called ICC. This runs on a raspberry pi and chats to the pylon and the axpert and controls both. If you are okay with simply losing power when your pylons run out and only care about them running for as long as possible, then you can use them as is. The pylons tend to drop out and disconnect around 10-15% SOC. So they protect themselves. If this is all you want then great. If you want them to last and work well then you need something that manages them. To connect to the pylons you need a special cable which you can buy or make up yourself. The info is scattered across this forum. You can connect to the axperts with the supplied usb cable and change/monitor things. Hope this helps.
  9. I've had a few nylon non return valves fail on me. Now I only use the brass/copper ones. Since its a wellpoint, its going to have sediment and crap in it. Adding a purge valve above and below the pump is handy for priming and backwashing. These purge valves stay closed during normal operation and are nothing more than a lever ball valve with one end open. My system runs perfectly without a bottom non return valve. Its only got one at the top, upstream (suctions side) from the pump. I use the downstream purge valve to clear the initial sediment from the system. 2-3mins then the water runs clear and the purge valve gets closed and inline valve opened.
  10. You're in luck! https://hackaday.com/2020/01/08/commercial-circuit-simulator-goes-free/
  11. CoCT also limits the AC connection to the multiplus to 20A.
  12. You don't need to use the supplied pylontech cables. Any cat5 cable with T-568B pinout (this is the normal one everyone uses) will work.
  13. Hey Jay/Energy very nice build. The only concern I have with that is it requires a RED LED light on the DB to indicate that it is live. Its a NRS requirement. Showed the pics to my father who is a EE and that was his only remark. He's been planning to build something similar over the last few weeks. Well done and great build.
  14. Don't know the blue stuff. But given that the OP uses axperts its unlikely that a BMV wil work in his setup.
  15. ICC is currently the only way to get the axperts and pylons talking to each other. Without ICC you effectively half your battery capacity. ICC reads the SOC from the pylons and tells the axperts what it is. Those expensive pylons are only being drawn down halfway without ICC.
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