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  1. Not necessarily. I learned from Phil.g00 who is a member here that you can put multiple strings, and at different orientations on one MPPT. Check topic posted below. I tried this myself and was quite surprised by the results. I am currently using one MPPT for both east and west arrays.
  2. I totally agree that there will definitely be a loss in production. However, no matter the time or season an east/west array used to SUPPLEMENT your north array is always well worth it. Even if this east/west array only produces 40% of what it is rated for, that is going to help you overall production. I wouldn’t quite describe it as a disaster. There is a big drop in production, but as stated above, this is a good addition to your existing north array.
  3. Is this roof east/west or north/south facing? Lots of people have found the east/west setup better for more production throughout the day. Other people have filled the north roof with panels and then made special brackets to attach more panels to walls on one or both sides. I was also toying with the idea of building a porch off of my lounge and using panels to make the roof. In your case it might just be easier to go EV geyser as it takes up little space compared to it’s PV generating equivalent.
  4. As I understand it the Skyking inverter is a rebranded Devel inverter. I have had some dealings with the manufacturers in China. I was looking for a replacement fan and they couldn’t help, but offered advice on where to get one locally. Try sending an email to the address below and you might get some feedback. [email protected]
  5. This would change the equation slightly in my opinion. If I owned a house and rented it out, I would rather add an EV geyser because a tenant might not take the time to look after my expensive PV system. For example, my PV system is used only by my family and we all know how much it can handle. We cannot have the oven, tumble dryer, kettle, dishwasher and hairdryer on at the same time. We have to stagger our loads and use different appliances at different times of the day. Also we need to manually change over to Eksdom when the batteries get to a certain SOC (This is an off grid system) The te
  6. I tend to think the bi-facials would have the same issue with heat buildup lowering efficiency.
  7. I could be wrong but it looks as if some of the diodes have blown. I made this mistake once a long time ago (when I was still young and stupid) by connecting a solar panel directly to a battery with no charge controller. Maybe the customer made the same mistake.
  8. While this is a good idea and I’m sure someone out there has successfully done such an installation, I would be concerned about two things.. 1. There should ideally be a gap between the panels to allow for cooling. Too close together and they tend to get hot and retain that heat thus bringing down efficiency. 2. If one of the modules fails and needs to be replaced, it will be difficult to remove. Consider the marine sealer that holds a fish tank together. That stuff never lets go. You could maybe lay a “dampcourse” down on the rafters or brandering and then put the panels on
  9. This is a VERY big battery. Forgive my ignorance please, but how many panels are you going to use to charge this colossal beast? You will need a huge solar array to keep this battery full.
  10. If you only intend buying 16 cells, they will likely want to send it by air which is expensive. A year ago I had two 100ah LiFePo4 cells sent from China and they cost me R3500 for the two. You might also have the parcel inspected by customs and they may ask for your import code if you have had more than one import in the last year. As far as I know (I might be mistaken here) the only Lithium cells that are duty free are the 18650 cells, and all imports are charged vat, unless if China sends them DDP. It might be cheaper and/or quicker to buy from Bain.
  11. I like the way the components are neatly mounted on a board. Tell me please. What are these “half cell” panels really like? Reading about them online it seems there is a lot of hype about them. Do they really perform better than the full cell panels?
  12. Not to be judgmental or anything, but I think you need someone professional to check your whole system over. It sounds to me like someone has taken a few shortcuts..
  13. Yeah I know, I was just messing with you.
  14. Hi Eduan, and welcome. What all do you want to learn about? Do you plan to DIY build a LiFePo4 battery? Do you want to buy your first inverter? Do you want to buy a charge controller? Is there something specific you want to research?
  15. Hey Coulomb, I think you need to be a little more specific in your signature.... Some 410w panels are available in “half cut cells” meaning that they could even be up to 144 cells..
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