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  1. Yes, it was on the apple App Store. Strangely enough I went to look for it now and cannot find it again. It was Coslight WiFi.... something or other.. I also downloaded a WiFi password cracking app from the play store and it came up with the passwords 87654321 for slave module and 987654321 for master module. I tried both of these and they didn’t work. From more research I did back then I found that there is a way to block other users from connecting to the WiFi using a blocking feature, it’s name was a 3 letter acronym that I cannot remember. Like I said earlier in this post I eventually gave up because the client was happy using only the four green SOC lights.
  2. I seriously doubt it. I have seen these batteries used for Axpert, Devel and Microcare inverters without a problem. They are good quality batteries. From what I read on this forum and other articles, the problem is most likely the inverter itself. I’m no expert on Kodak inverters, but I have not heard anything good about them.
  3. I got a message on my phone this morning that I can collect the panels from the Depot. I drive from the clients house to the depot, fetch the panels and drive back to his house to complete the installation. When unwrapping the panels I find one is smashed. So next week when the replacement panel arrives I have to drive another 120km to go mount one panel. And of course I have lost a client. Sustainable can kiss my @$$
  4. No luck. I eventually gave up. The client was not too worried about using the WiFi as the four SOC lights were sufficient for him.
  5. Sorry guys, but I need to rant! Last week I contacted Sustainable about solar panels for an installation I need to do out of town tomorrow. I emailed them on Monday asking for a quote. I only got the reply on Thursday. I requested the invoice on Thursday, no reply. I asked for the invoice again on Friday, no reply. I emailed again on Monday, and after 3 hours I called them. Finally I got the invoice. I paid via “immediate transfer “ to get things moving quicker. I also sent an email stating that I HAVE TO have the panels by Friday for an out of town installation. Again on Tuesday I sent an email stating that I need the panels by Friday. Again on Wednesday and Thursday the same. I finally get a tracking number last night. Today I go look for the tracking number online and they only left C.T. on Thursday night!! One whole week later! Now I have to explain to my client why his solar system has no solar. On top of that I will need to go do the solar installation next week. 120km of unnecessarily driving and the possible loss of a client. Sustainable has seen the last of me.
  6. I get onto my roof once a year and clean my panels using clean water and a squeegee. The gains are immediately noticeable. My last clean 7 months ago gave me about a 9% increase in solar production. I find it best to clean early in the morning when the panels are still cold and the water doesn’t evaporate too quickly.
  7. This is making sense now. When the battery is disconnected the transient power spike hits the display board. This protection board is a voltage arrester of sort, smoothing out the voltage spike. It is quite possibly a linear power supply, looking at the size and simplicity.
  8. I asked Wouter at Microcare how the high voltage protection works and here is his answer: It makes use of components that can handle the voltage spike and steps down the high voltage to display.
  9. I was also looking into something similar from a supplier over in China, but then decided to rather find something local for guarantee purposes. Even though I have now installed these protection boards I still would like some added protection, something physical like a relay.
  10. None of the older MPPT’s will have this protection board. They only started fitting them from late 2019. All the new controllers have them as standard with a lithium interface. That plug thing you saw in the video with Wouter is for the lithium communication cable. It allows charge/discharge on all the new Inverters and MPPT’s I am exactly the same. I had this very same idea before these protection cards came along. My idea was to use a 48v relay that would open (cutting power from the PV to the MPPT) as soon as the battery disconnected. I went so far as to do it with a solid state relay. It worked for about 20 mins, it got so hot I couldn’t touch it and then burned out. I then learned that solid state relays are not designed for constant use. My next idea was to use a 48v golf cart relay. I found some, but when I heard that they were about R1500 each I hesitated.
  11. Looks like I’ve awoken something in you... Funny how one discussion brings out all those old projects we abandoned.
  12. I bought three of these boards for my three MPPT’s while I was there for training last week. Wouter showed me how to install them. When I got home to install, I found that my 60A controller pictured above already had a protection board fitted. I fitted the other two into my two 40A controllers. It is a little cramped in the 40A controllers, but after some fighting I managed to squeeze them in. The loose boards are around R500. I suppose if they did the fitting (I guess) it would cost around R800
  13. I am not exactly sure how it works, but here is what my 60A MPPT looks like with the board installed. This protection board is the older model, but the connection is the same. It plugs in between the green power board and the red display board. You then mount it onto the choke.
  14. For all those using the Microcare MPPT’s. No need to worry about damaging your controller when your LFP battery suddenly turns off under full sunlight. Microcare have developed this high voltage protection board that fits inside the controller. It is quite simple to install and gives that extra peace of mind.
  15. Hi Badhabit. I don’t think it is either. I think that with most of us having no income for the past two months, nobody has money....


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