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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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  1. Thanks very much. That is what I suspected, I just need to be sure.
  2. Looking at my manual with the last screenshot it seems the charger is PWM The 150W panels are also 15-18v which is why I thought they would be better. Fewer panels to install to get more power. Also I already have one of these 150W panels. So as long as I stay within the 15-18v, does it matter what wattage the panels are? I assume as long as the combined Amps are less than 50A then I'm fine?
  3. I seem to have a different axpert version. Mine is a 1000W 12v version This is the specs from the side of my inverter as well as from the manual. I assume the 85W panels in the manual is purely as an example to show how to calculate how many panels you can run in parallel to not exceed to 50A max. I assume I don't actually have to use 85W panels and could instead run up to 6 x 150W panels with pmax current of 8.3A in order to be within the 50A limit?
  4. I just wanted to ask a question. I have a Axpert 12V 1KW inverter currently grid linked for load shedding backup. I am thinking of expanding for solar backup if load shedding stage escalates and the time between shedding is maybe not sufficient to charge my batteries fully or if I decide I just want a longer backup for weekends. The manual for the inverter mentions 85W panels and connecting 10 in parallel. It does not mention a max solar wattage. I assume this is simply an example and I can use any size panels as long as I don't exceed the 50A and I make sure I have 12V panels connected in parallel. For example I would rather be looking at 150W panels. Pmax voltage is 18.1V and pmax current is 8.3A Am I able to use these panels with the inverter and I assume I would be able to connect up to 6 of them in parallel?
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