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  1. Hi Im not fimiliar with your inverter brand and how its setup. I had simular situation and i discovered it was due to the transfer time of inverter from grid to battery (most inverters is round 10-20ms). That quick dip is not good for the comperessor motor of fidges while its running. Hope it may shine some light on your situation. Regards
  2. For pylontech batteries if you choose that route you can go and look at third party software like ICC software to hookup for commication between batteries and your inverter.
  3. "4. I can get one of those Geyserwise Titanium PTC elements if it would make a difference? It is just 2 and a half people showering every day, and washing dishes once a day." I have 1.5kw one in my geyser, works fine for me but use with caution. No one told me of the statup spike it makes every time. It spikes to 3.7kw for 5seconds then dropping to 1.5kw for rest of the time.
  4. You need watchpower on your laptop with a usb-RS232 adaptor to connect to the rs232 to rj45 cable supplied with inverter. OR third party software like ICC.
  5. Hi Guys im also looking for additional wind power at my house. I have 2x axpert King 5kw (parallel single phase) with pylontech batteries and 12x 365w canadian solar panels. At night and cloudy days i have lots of wind so i want to add some wind power. Im looking all over for similar setups. Im looking at the TESUP Atlas 2.0 wind turbine, look like good price at good quality. Anyone got one already and any feedback? So before i purchase im looking at compactibility for my setup. I attached a picture of an europian website who sell a kit with the config like in the image bel
  6. Will it damage you inverter or pv panels if you connect a DOL starter switch with a timer to reset you pv voltage on a hourly basis - between pv panels and inverter? It works if I do it manual with my disconnect switch when pv freeze happens. Im just conserned about damaging my equipment when reset happens under load. Can someone give advise please.
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