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Sunsunk 8KW Inverter and 2x5KW Revov 2nd Life Batteries not displaying 10KW SOC


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I have just had Sunsunk 8KW Inverter and 2x5KW Revov 2nd Life Batteries installed.  However the inverter and Smart Solar App are not displaying 10KW SOC.

There is an RS485 link between the two batteries but a CAN link to the inverter.  Both are set as master.  The batteries are set to run down at night to 50%.  However they are going down to the 10% set on discharge max.  Eskom is trickle charging them back to 20% and then the next day only the sun charges them.  The one to 100% and the other to 95%  they don't seem to be balanced and also the CAN connection only reads one or the other if I connect from the one to the other.  Why are they not showing 10KW on SOC graph?  Surely 2x5KW (100Ah) = 10KW (200Ah) or so I was told?  Please help any info appreciated.   BTW from day of install the one battery had a flashing warning light and I was told to let them charge, they would balance out.  They can never balance, as they discharge at different speeds and % also charge at different speeds and %. Surely the RS485 link should balance the 2 batteries. 

Thank you in advance. 

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Wow 87 Dream, this forum is the real deal.  Thank you for the speedy reply, I will take some pics and post them here.  

One of my concerns is that I don't see a 10KW system as the inverter either reads 5KW on the one battery only, due to the CAN cable connected, either to the one or if I change it over, to the other.  They discharge and charge at different rates.

Yes I see they meant to be 1 master and one slave but for some reason the installer put both on master.

Will take some pics.  

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Hi PeteT, 

Afaik, nobody would know that you have 10 kW of batteries. You need to tell the Sunsynk. Look into the setup menu for the batteries and configure it. Yes, there can only be one master. Not sure is your battery will pick up the dip switch change automatically, but is not, just reset the changed battery by holding in the reset switch for a few seconds, until the led's start flashing. Hope you get your system running properly. 

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Thank you for all the input.  Revov sent their tech out to me and he changed the RS485 cable also set the one to master and other to slave.  Also connected his PC to the one batt to adjust the charging Amp from 40 to 101AH  he reckons it will stabalize in about 2 weeks.  We wait and see now to see if rate of charge and discharge is more equal between the two now.  One batt was in state of DSG (discharge) and other was IDLE.  

Thank you again for all the input.

Now I must master the system settings to get most out of the batteries and the PV. 

Google is my friend but I think I ill stay right here on POWER FORUM - You guys rock!😬

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Problem sorted, all working good now.  Revov came and did some changes on the BMS and set one to master and other to slave.  

Thanks - Now I need to find a thread on how to best set the System Mode in order to get the most out of my two 5KW batteries.  I have ordered another 5KW so as to get my ratio 1:2:4 better.  

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