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cooling fan required for axpert 5Kva


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Be aware that the Axperts are picky about speed sensing. A friend had some quiet fans in one, and there would be occasional locked fan errors. Enough to be a real nuisance, and the fan error could mask a more serious error. It may be possible to modify the sense circuit, but it was not worth the trouble, and a firmware upgrade basically fixed the noisy fans anyway. So they were swapped back to the original Adda fans. 

See http://forums.aeva.asn.au/viewtopic.php?title=pip4048ms-inverter&p=62186&t=4332#p62186 for details. 

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12 minutes ago, kingchris said:

Anybody know where to get original (Adda ) fans  then ?  Surely some of the importers  have spares of these. Had huge problem getting hold of the parallel cards recently.


This fan is a very close match to the original.

I have 2 original fans but I must just confirm that we are discarding the machine before I part with them.


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So to recap on this.... If running unmodified original firmware 52.30 with Noctua fans, the issues as outlined above with low fan speeds and how the inverter reads the speeds shouldnt be an issue?


Looking at the Noctua NF-A8 PWM fans, have always loved noctua fans for quietness and reliability.

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@Gabriël  I also had a larger external fan cooling my Axperts. One of them failed and repair technician of supplier said it was caused by condensation.  On advice from @Mike  I removed it.  Mike overcame the condensation problem at clients with different make of inverter by building a box with smaller vent holes to enclose inverter. Seems us folks on the coast have to take the condensation problem seriously and keep our inverters fairly warm if not hot. 

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1 hour ago, ebrsa said:

caused by condensation

although we are 15km from the coast and have a high humidity as well as the occasional condensation on our ibr roof i have never noticed such on any metal surface inside the house. the inside temperature of the inverter hardly ever drops to below 30C when working - neither have i seen tokens of condensation [rust] on the inside of my pc inside the house where the inside temperature of the pc is lower than that of my inverter and it is running 24/7 with fans at full speed. now what i will concede is that if there is dust buildup and the dust were to get damp due to air humidity that will definitely cause problems in the long run, like for instance in a hair dryer or on the wire enclosure of a cooling fan.... but then again everything seems to perish faster on the coast - i heard one day that in swakopmund the fridge compressor-mountings would rust away long before the compressor would tend to cease 😎 - bottom line, i will take my chances...😬

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On 2019/06/16 at 9:22 AM, Gabriël said:

primitive yet efficient, cheap no-name brand pc fans have been running continuously for 13+ months sucking air on both sides of the inverter and dropping average temp by 10 degrees C ... KISS 🤩


Just had a fan go on my Axpert 1KW and did the same thing as a kiss fix. Graph before 06h00 is no load with remaining fan running, after 08h30 is with load and the addition of a single pc case fan. 😁



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