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Simple - don't trust all the "specials" you see on google shopping, that's where most people get caught.
Always compare to legit websites and if the prices are a lot lower than on those legit websites then run away fast.

Legit websites to look at:
powerforum store obviously
getgreen.energy ( previously DIYGEEK )
Segen - have to be registered to see prices
sustainable - bit pricey but a good reference point
the sun pays

So if you find a good deal 1st check legit sources to make sure the pricing is in the correct range, then if still not sure come along and ask for references :)
Also if you are using an installer make sure their markups are not stupid crazy, they should also still be in a reasonable range compared to the main suppliers.
Remember the installers get better installer pricing so their markups should end in a similar range to the retail prices available publicly.

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2 hours ago, WannabeSolarSparky said:

No, you have to be a registered installer to buy.
But it is a good place to use to compare prices to make sure your installer is not ripping you off..

Sorry but I cannot see pricing?

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13 hours ago, McGuywer said:

Sorry but I cannot see pricing?

I see that you are in Gauteng, why not try https://www.inverter-warehouse.co.za/account/login?return_url=%2Faccount , they are legit and have physical warehouse where you can pay and collect same time or you can order online and get the stuff delivered. 

You do not need to register or be an installer to buy from them. They sell to the public 

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