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Small PV system.

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Hi a farming friend of mine whose farm is dependant on a Lister generator is looking to install  a small PV system that would run a TV, couple of lights and cell charger. He is expecting his Australian family over Xmas and wants to make things a little more comfortable.


In 2016 he is looking to install a Axpert 4kW system and move the small temporary system over to his stockman's cottage.


Any ideas suggestions?


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Hi All


I also think :  1.5Kw Pure sine Inverter

                     4 x 150W Panels

                     2 x 200 a/h Gel Batteries

                     1 x 30A 12V Controller


This should be sufficient for what you are looking for. Roughly R26k

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I have been reviewing his system and the the largest draw in his home is a microwave of 900W. So instead of a 5kVA Axpert a 3KVA will probably suffice.


Based on that I would advise him to install a 3kVA as it is going to be mounted permanently and the is not much difference between the 3kVA and 1kVA. and then have 2 panels and 2 batteries 105Ah would probably be fine. My one hassle is that if I remember correctly the 3kVA can only handle 600W or 900W of panels. I suppose one could have a 2nd string of panels running through a Outback or something like that if he found that he needed more than 900W. 

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