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Pylontech Stack Sizes?

Jaco De Jongh

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Good day

I was under the impression that Pylons, Us 2000 as well as US 3000 can only have 8 units in a stack, and that more than 8 Units will need a hub. 

Its indicated like that in the Installation Documentation as well as the manuel, but on the pylontech site they indicate that US3000 can stack 12 units before adding a HUB. 

Anybody with some experience in doing this.  @Youda?


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Couple of months ago I was asking myself the same question, as I noticed this discrepancy between the Pylontech website, english specsheet on the same website and the localized specsheets that were published on some of the online stores (attached). Also noticed, that the BatteryView is ready for up to 16 units running in parallel:



So I wired 9 units together and powered then ON, in order to check the truth. In my case, first 8 units started, while the ninth unit kept being OFF.

Based on the above quick test, I would say that my US3000 are limited to 8 units per stack.

It would be nice if somebody else could redo this test with the newer US3000 samples, in order to check whether there were FW/HW improvements implemented in the meantime by the manufacturer.




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Hi guys, so I decided to redo the Pylontech stacking test once again.

  • Powered everything OFF, including all the US3000 bricks with their mechanical ON/OFF switches.
  • Wired 9 units of US3000 together, using their RJ-45 link ports.
  • All the DC ports were connected to a common busbars.
  • Started master brick via SW button ->
    • First 8 bricks went online one by one, as ususal, but the brick #9 stayed OFF.
  • Manually started brick #9 using its SW button ->
    • It went online without any error.
  • Attached BatteryView to the master brick and instructed it to search for 9 bricks running in paralel ->
    • BatteryView connected okay to the first 8 bricks, but indicated brick #9 as offline, despite the brick #9 was already running in reality.




The maximum of US3000 bricks that can run in a single stack, without having a top-of-rack LV-HUB, is 8 units. Tested and verified.
A statement that US3000 is able to combine 12 units in a single stack is either a bullshit, or it is related to some newer HW/FW revision that I never heard of.

Could someone redo this test with the newest US3000 samples, please?



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11 minutes ago, P1000 said:

3 bit addressing perhaps. 8bits would allow for up to 256 in a stack

Technically yes, but you know what I am trying to say, 0 - 7 being 8 devices. 


11 minutes ago, P1000 said:


Wasn't sure if its the correct way to say it, that's why I included the question mark. 

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The Official reply :


Hi, sir,
the maximum quantity of US3000 in one string is 8 batteries. 
The installation manual shall dominate over other explanation you have from other resources. Please refer to your US3000 manual. 
If you have any doubt or need clarifications about the manual, please feel free to contact us. 
Best regards. 
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