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I am selling off my battery, its time for an upgrade.

This ine is still basically new and has the following usage specifications: Running off a Victron Multi 2 5000 with BMV and MPPT

Deepest discharge   -112.50 Ah (Was testing it conservatively.)

Last discharge         -75.20 Ah

Average discharge   -75.70 Ah

Charge cycles           56.00

Full discharges          0.00

Bought from Lithium Batteries South Africa in May. Consists of 16 cells, 120Ah BMS, DC circuit breaker, wall mountable box.

R20000  (Yes this is the best bang for buck lithium battery out there by far!)

Same price as 4 x 200Ah Lead Acid but with loads more capacity.

Lithium 1.jpeg

Lithium 2.jpeg

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I suppose what you have to take into account is that 16 LiFePO4 cells from the same source will cost R14,400 and an ANT BMS will add R2500 for a total of R16,900. At least that is what I would consider if I wanted to buy such equipment. The breaker and meter are nice to have but would already be present in an existing installation. Besides the ANT BMS provides much more useful information than the Daly BMS in your system. Hope this helps you. 

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OK, so you want the cost breakdown?

16 x R900 = R14400

Circuit breaker R460

BMS R2000

Connectors R450

Wires R300

Specially designed wall mount enclosure R800

Lugs, heatshrink, sundries R250

Few hours to ensure all is built correctly and works. R??? 

Total R 18 660 + labor, also had to drive around to all the shops to buy all the extras so add fuel to that. I added it in my head so may be out a bit. Included is the remainder of the warranty too. 

The source sells them for R22 200 if you can get stock. 

Any decent offers and we can start negotiating? 

If anyone can build me a battery like this with ANT BMS for R16900 I will seriously want to buy two of them!!!! 


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Hi Jaaks

If you want more capacity, why not just double up on the cells and make a 16s2p battery? You can use the same BMS if your load hasn't changed. And you would need a larger enclosure, if needed. Seems the best bang for buck option?



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