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Un-Ethical Solar Supplier in the east of the Pretoria, Be carefull

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Greetings everyone.

In my journey to become free of eskom , i have installed a 10KVA solar system. and let me state that this road was not without problems.

I have learned alot from this forum, and thank you for this.


In November 2020, I made the biggest mistake and bought a solar Geyser and 9 x 400W Mono panels including install from SolarEnergyLife ((0)12 807 1023) [email protected] I was made to pay the full invoice otherwise they will not install.

After about 3 weeks nothing was installed and just excuses form them. I had to threaten then with attorneys letter in order for them to install. Then they only installed 6 panels, because they sold 3 of my panels to another client.  After another attorney's letter the remaining panels were installed 4 months later. 

Recently i learned that they have sold me 360W panels and branded it is as 400W panels.  THIS IS UNETHICAL

Their installer installed all the panels on 2 x 15 Amp fuse boxes. Clearly not thinking.

This company and their installer (Ceaser (0733139747) know nothing about installing panels in the correct order. and has also no respect for your house, This installer damaged my ceiling on 2 separate places where he nearly put his foot on the ceiling boards. He installed  9 x400w on 1x 6mm cable. The cable become so hot that it started to burn.

I now had to get in another company to fix their problems.

Dont bother complaining to the owner. Tiaan (0745617976) this person is completely useless. He has not once called to apologies for the problems their caused. But taking my money was good enough.

I also calling their project manager Kobus 0747807982, then phone was put down on my on several occasions. this just demonstrated that they do not care about their clients.

I was so frustrated that i went back to their shop where this (excuse my language) ASSHOLE of a project manager just walked away when i asked him what is going on.


Guys, going solar is the right move. JUST DO NOT USE this company     "SOLAR ENERGY LIFE" !!!!!

I promise you you will get bad service and you will have to re-do your string wiring.

and for my geyser system that i bought from them. THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE SELLING. !!! STAY AWAY from them.





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