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  1. can you share this file for us on 71.86 to upgrade?
  2. Hi @Youda I am using this cable (see attached) I am not sure of the specific type of profile it uses. but I connected it to the ICC pi together with the crimped cable I ordered and BOOM it worked just like that Perhaps a quick google of the name TRENDNET TU-S9 as clearly written on it will reveal more on it Regards
  3. Ok see the attached image. I remember purchasing this cable from aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32888242837.html I instructed the seller to crimp the cable as per the attached file. he was kind enough to do so you can also get this usb to rs232 serial converter and you are good to go https://www.aliexpress.com/item/405959038.html?spm=a2g0s.imconversation.0.0.160a3e5fY7h4I8
  4. You can make yours. I did same. the schematic diagram have been posted on this forum will look for it and place here if I have the chance
  5. Hi @Cor Unfortunately I have since moved away from using the wifi box and settled with ICC software. I remember I had similar issues and had a marathon email sessions with MPP Taiwan. part of the pdf on how to configure the wifibox setting they sent to me is attached for your use. PS: Make sure you input correctly in the wifibox homepage setting your home internet SSID and password word for word Wifi box & card quick setting(EN).pdf
  6. Hi @Cor you need to open up the WiFi box with a screw driver and change the jumper from “1-2” position to “2-3” position to manually reset the box to default as stated in the manual
  7. just as @Coulomb said the rs-232 cable that came with the axpert inverter connects to the serial usb cable you will purchase (see pics below) I finally got to update both the Main firmware and screen firmware this morning. There was a little bit of scare though when I was updating the screen firmware. The inverter screen went blank completely and I panicked. I finally re-pluged the cable after I had removed it and shut down the batteries, started the flash all over again, when it completed 100%, the inverter screen came back on
  8. Hi @Coulomb According to the axpert king manual, flashing of new firmware can also be done through a flash drive connected to the USB port. Just want to know if this is applicable in this scenario using these softwares before I upgrade my inverter Thanks
  9. Hi can you upload the screen firmware 2.00 for download? i know @Coulomb only posted the main firmware 71.86 thanks
  10. @ChristoSnake are the 24x330w Canadian solar panels connected to just one infinisolar 5Kva inverter in your setup? That thing has like a maximum PV size of about 4000w according to the spec sheets.
  11. Well, if the 375W in 3S2P arrangement will not exceed the max 145voc recommended by the inverter and limits itself to the 330W ,then I don't mind this. just want to be sure there wouldn't be any other issue Yea I know shipping/export/import do suck sometimes and come with its headaches. my shipper misplaced my Pylontech cables from china and he wasn't really happy having to pay for the full purchase and shipping
  12. my Pylontech batteries are currently communicating with the axpert king inverter and it uses a charge and float voltage of 53.2V which cannot be altered unless one disables the PLY 05 setting and go for the USER option. I hope this is not an issue going by your recommended 52.5V? for the Jump, I have noticed that my batteries usually ideals at 89% SOC for some hours before it gradually moves to 100% within 5 minutes or less
  13. Hi @Jaco de Jongh Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I am in Lagos Nigeria not SA Looking for a quick solution I can come up with locally that will not involve importation Thanks
  14. Hi Guys I really need your advice right now @plonkster Currently have 6 numbers 330W Canadian solar Panels in 3S2P hooked up to an Axpert King (used to be a Morningstar Tristar MPPT 60A which I have retired) Looking forward to double it to meet up to the 4000W and 145V limit of the inverter. unfortunately, my local suppliers don't have the 330W in stock anymore. They only have 305W, 375W and 385W available.I am looking at adding 375W in 3S2P to the equation as a last resort. Is this advisable? 330W data is voc=45.6,vmp=37.2,isc=9.45,imp=8.88 while for 375W voc=47.6,vmp=39.8,isc=9.93,imp=9.43 What possible scenario / option do I have to take to not exceed the 145V max of the inverter and at the same time add up more panels. thanks
  15. I remember reading up on this report and was shocked with the results of the Pylontech batteries Happy I went this route
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