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  1. Is the DTU required for operation, or just a way of monitoring?
  2. I fail to see why this topic attracts so much negativity. CoCT and other municipalities already charge a basic grid connection fee and usage on top. They do this with water as well and even more they then have a deemed sewerage charge based on how much water you use. Having fees that more directly reflect the usage of something is far better than them taking the easy way out and simply billing for usage at a flat rate. Heck, I would go further and have time of day based rates - more expensive at peak times and cheaper at off peak times. The fee isn't targetted at only people who have
  3. Should that wiring from the panels not go to the fuses FIRST and the isolator SECOND?
  4. The Hoymiles micro-inverter ecosystem includes the Hoymiles RS485 grid meter (eg. https://www.futurama.co.za/ellies-single-phase-hoymiles-consumption-meter-rs485/). I already have a CG ET112 grid meter as part of my Victron system however. Are these meters operating on some sort of standard? Can I expect the existing ET112 to be compatible with the Hoymiles microinverters? I'm considering adding some Hoymiles based grid-tie PV on the input side of my Victron system, and part of what I need to figure out is how to prevent grid feedback. P
  5. Seems I misremembered what I paid for it, so dropping price to a more realistic level: R20000 for the Quattro. BMV-700 already sold.
  6. Still available. Price drop on the inverter: R25500
  7. I have switched to a 48V (MP-II, Freedomwon) system and so I have the following available: Victron Quattro 12/3000/120 R29500 BMV-700 with 500A shunt R1750 Offers will be considered. Location: Somerset West Contact: 0218790923
  8. So it was the modbus address. An ill-informed electrician and confusion about what Victron device ids are led me up the garden path. I changed the address of one of the meters and now everything is working correctly. Along the way I learned that the rule of thumb around transmission line effects is that one ignores them below a quarter wave length. A 9600 baud signal is near enough to 10kHz which would have a wavelength of 30km. So one need to think about extra termination on the RS485 until you have several kilometers of cable - certainly not a concern at the length of cable I have (~50m
  9. The configuration on the GX is definitely correct. The first one is set as PV yield (on ac output) and the other as "grid" where I cannot set where it is connected. Nevertheless VRM showed ET112 (32) position ac output. I have since deleted both devices in VRM and then rebooted the color GX. Now only the one ET112 is showing. I think I have a comms problem to the other ET112. Is the "device instance" an ID assigned by the GX, or is it something read from the ET112? The electrician said that the ET112s automatically pick a non-conflicting addre
  10. Long time reader, first time poster here. I successfully wired up an ET112 for PV yield on the output of my Quattro. I have since added a second ET112 at the grid connection point in order to feed the right amount of power back towards the input side of my Quattro. I wired up the 485 cable from the grid metering ET112 to the same USB connector going to the Color GX. It appears as though the current ET112s automatically assign themselves non-conflicting addresses - judging by the fact that the Color GX picked up the second ET112 and I could configure it as "grid meter" on the GX. H
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