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  1. The BSLB manual is under development. We have collating information and settings from all major inverter OEM's and how the BSLB communicates. Has taken a bit of time but we are nearly there.
  2. This poll is designed to generate useful and engaged information from both consumer and installer. With the developing hype of super capacitors, we want to investigate and determine the right conclusion as to where its role is in South Africa presently and potentially in the next 4 years. Please take the poll and share so we can all benefit from the results.
  3. Hi Warrick. Please see attached document from Victron regarding the BSL approval.
  4. Hi Dname. You should never mix different batteries, especially not Lithiums. So in short the answer is no, if you are going to try upgrade an existing system, then please add the same batteries as you have installed or replace the batteries all together with new ones of the same make. Our 5.1kW and 6.4kW batteries can be mixed and matched between each other but that is because they have been designed specifically to do so.
  5. Hi Shaun. They will work, but only on voltage settings and will not be comms enabled. We do have them out in installations with these types of inverters and can supply you with the correct settings for the inverter on request.
  6. A run through of the Sunsynk Inverter display and its features. Giving you a clear basic understanding of how everything works on the touchscreen display, the layout and where everything is situated. Very user friendly and easy to migrate through, giving you peace of mind and easy installations.
  7. Slightly lighter but marginal and yes no fan attached. The 3,6kw must be kept in cool garage or room well ventilated. The 3,6kw won't come with fan as it is not high performance in the sense that the 5,5kw can handle more loads meaning the 3,6kw is used for entry level small applications. Sunsynk concludes these low level requirements don't constitute the need for a fan but in my opinion it should still have one.
  8. This is part 2 of how to connect your wifi or gsm dongle with your Sunsynk Inverter. Please watch part 1 first.
  9. This is the first video showing how to connect the Sunsynk wifi and gsm unit to your Sunsynk inverter. Please watch part 1 then part 2.
  10. Here Sam Smit from Zeus Solutions explains how to connect a 8,8kw Sunsynk Inverter. Please zoom in for better viewing of the screen and settings input. Proudly partnered with Powerforum.
  11. In this video Sam Smit from Zeus Solutions explains how to connect an 8,8kw Sunsynk inverter with 3 of our BSL Bull 5,1kw lithium batteries. The settings are explained and made simple. The Bull BSL battery is an approved battery with Sunsynk as it has direct communication but can also be set using voltage settings. Always note that when connect 2 or more BSL Bull batteries to make the primary battery a master. You will need the dip switch settings when creating your battery bank. In proud partnership with Powerforum. Visit our website: www.backboneenergy.co.za for more details on ou
  12. Keith takes us through the steps to set up the Solarman App to your Sunsynk Inverter using both the GSM and Wifi options. Please note that Solarman for installers is now called Solarman Business and for end users Solarman or Solarman Pro. Setup remains the same but different versions allowing for a few more advanced options available. Also note that you may need to do this a few times. We have found that the WIFI dongles are affected by our connectivity and mostly effected by ADSL lines. This means multiple tries may be required. A note on GSM - the firmware updates when using this dongl
  13. " We’ve had a few minor issues with people connecting inverters backwards in other words the phase rotation is the wrong way around Without a phase rotation meter it’s actually quite difficult to know if it’s correct or not so we going to issue a minor software update to indicate the phase rotation on the home screen when using inverters in 3 phase parallel." - Keith Gough
  14. Compiled between Backbone Energy and Zeus Solutions. With the current solar boom hitting the South African shores and the solar industry becoming a particularly lucrative market there is a sudden rise in the amount of companies offering solar solutions. While this is a good thing as it does set a competitive market, meaning less companies are being able to get away with charging exorbitant prices on their installations, it also creates a new demand for solar equipment. We've seen similar effects in the past when new technologies became wildly commercially available, such as television s
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