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  1. Good Day Powerforum members Lithium battery prices are set to increase as much as 25% in the coming months. This will be felt across the globe as the 2 biggest lithium cell manufacturers are experiencing supply shortages. These are the manufacturers of the following cells: CATL cells BYD cells Additionally container shortages are being felt across the world with available containers being priced at premiums which means consumers then carry the cost. We may find second life lithium cells and batteries having stable pricing but this is uncertain. We will endeavour
  2. Hi Daniemj Thanks for these and I can suggest a few changes on the settings. If a reset on the battery didn't solve the problem completely, a second reset might work. Otherwise we can get the battery back in for a firmware reset. Would you please get your installer to contact me via email at [email protected] and I will discuss some aspects with him for your installation and any further installations he does in future. regards Charles BackBone Energy
  3. Hi Daniemj This is interesting and not something I have seen before while working on the BSL's. Have you contacted your supplier regarding this problem? What are your settings on the battery? Please could you provide me all the screens on the battery setup menus? I work mostly with BSL and Sunsynk, I would just like to check a few settings out first. Next step if there aren't any issues there, is to contact your supplier for support and see what they are able to do for you regarding checking the BMS on the battery. I can do the backup support on the battery if your supplier is u
  4. This is a very important point and something that needs to be addressed by more manufacturers. With the BSL, no matter what has been physically done to the battery and how the internal setup has changed, there has been a drive to make sure that all the batteries within their range are comms capable and able to be paralleled with each other. So the older 5,1kW battery is able to integrate with the 6.4kW battery, this is because the current BMS and firmware are setup to do so. This is of course over a one year period. Further down the line and as advancements in technology come, there might
  5. A very interesting topic here and happy to put my two cents in. I have my own opinions of Pylontech batteries, this is not the platform to air them though. I prefer to make sure that people can get a better understanding of the products they purchase. We supply and I do the support for the BSL battery, what you have all come to know as the Bull Battery, and I am involved heavily behind the scenes with the battery and manufacture of it. A few of you I recognise as people I have actually dealt with and personally helped in setting up systems with the BSL's. We can guarantee the batte
  6. Hi Wade Please have your installer assess and work on the CT before attempting to do anything yourself. Your installer is welcome to contact us for assistance if required.
  7. Version 10.26.2020


    Part 2 is more in depth with the Sunsynk inverter itself. A technical read for solar installers and electricians.
  8. Version 08.24.2020


    This is part 1 of a 2 part training manual on the Sunsynk Hybrid inverter. Part 1 is more general in terms of PV, energy, inverters etc ... A good read if you can ignore all the watermarks.
  9. Dear Powerforum members The new 51v BSLB 120aH has arrived and here are the changes: 1. Grey in colour 2. 150aH breaker attached to battery 3. Internal cell protection casing enhancement 4. Clearly labelled tested aH before dispatch 5. Improved lithium cell spacing The new BLSB will be listed as a 51v 6,2kw BSLB Lithium battery however and in most cases the tested aH before dispatch averages 126,5aH - 127aH. Essentially this means they are still 6,4kw. The reason for the capacity definition of 6.2kw is to be in line with the CPA should 1% off the batteries
  10. Hi Powerforum Members We are nearly done with the BSLB manuals and have designed the manual per OEM inverter. The following two manuals will be available soon: 1. Victron / BSLB 2. Sunsynk / BSLB We are putting the finishing touches together for these manuals. Due to the large scope of usage and complexity when using Victron and Sunsynk the manuals are trimmed and shortened. We are however nearly finished with our new testing / training office and as such will compile video tutorials for each inverter mentioned per manual. Subsequent versions of the manuals will include th
  11. The BSLB manual is under development. We have collating information and settings from all major inverter OEM's and how the BSLB communicates. Has taken a bit of time but we are nearly there.
  12. This poll is designed to generate useful and engaged information from both consumer and installer. With the developing hype of super capacitors, we want to investigate and determine the right conclusion as to where its role is in South Africa presently and potentially in the next 4 years. Please take the poll and share so we can all benefit from the results.
  13. Hi Dname. You should never mix different batteries, especially not Lithiums. So in short the answer is no, if you are going to try upgrade an existing system, then please add the same batteries as you have installed or replace the batteries all together with new ones of the same make. Our 5.1kW and 6.4kW batteries can be mixed and matched between each other but that is because they have been designed specifically to do so.
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