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  1. Hi Ryan, sorry to hear about your bad service today. Was the company you purchased you purchased these batteries from not able to assist you? I see you have answered the question above quite well. If you need any more information let me know - [email protected]
  2. Hi Mornek, please provide your email and I will send BSL manual which includes dip switch settings etc... or email me on [email protected]
  3. Dear Powerforum Members We produce and post at least 1 Sunsynk tutorial video a week on our YouTube channel. We will also be posting videos on other inverters such as Growatt, Axpert etc.. including battery videos focusing on Lithiums. Here is our latest video on battery settings:
  4. BSLB range of batteries are compatible with Sunsynk as we have confirmed in our testing environment namely: 5,1kw BSLB 6,4kw BSLB 10,2kw BSLB
  5. Dear Powerforum Members The BSL Battery team in china has been working with Growatt for over 6 months to develop the correct firmware version that will allow direct communication via canbus. Backbone Energy officially tested this yesterday in our offices and it works. A noticeable change will be where percentage is now displayed on the Growatt screen. If any members have Growatt inverters paired with BSL Lithium Batteries please ask your installer for the firmware update. Alternatively your installer can contact us on [email protected] - subject line Growatt / BSLB firmware update Integration compatible inverters so far: Victron Sunsynk / Deye SMA Growatt Regards Nigel Engelbrecht - Managing Director
  6. best practice would be charge @ 80ah max discharge is 210ah battery capacity 250ah this subject to parallel with communication into the Sunsynk and communication between each battery. question: have the dip switches been changed to accommodate second battery?
  7. Dear Powerforum Members The BSLB range of batteries has a new entrant which is soon to land and become available for residential usage namely the BSLB Powerwall. The BSLB Powerwall has been in development for some time and continuous refinement being done by the R&D team in China. Some noteworthy specifications: 51v 10.2kw LiFePO4 battery 200aH available continuous Wall mount ready LCD screen for SOC and SOH monitoring 1C performance guarantee Stock is limited and will be available next week.
  8. So it may seem a bit silly to ask you to view our renewable energy market as a person but the logic behind it is sound. Many an expert offer different points of view due to the fact that historically renewable energy has been around a long time. In the context of this poll, we want to know what your opinion is on the matter. The renewable energy market has been lying limbo in the background for several years and only until recently, like say the latest 3 - 5 years has it really picked up. Determining an age for the market allows us to plan what the future holds and what drivers will grow the market to maturity. Insights like this allow all market stakeholders to plan and pivot where necessary to stay relevant in a fast paced energy market.
  9. Good Day Powerforum members Lithium battery prices are set to increase as much as 25% in the coming months. This will be felt across the globe as the 2 biggest lithium cell manufacturers are experiencing supply shortages. These are the manufacturers of the following cells: CATL cells BYD cells Additionally container shortages are being felt across the world with available containers being priced at premiums which means consumers then carry the cost. We may find second life lithium cells and batteries having stable pricing but this is uncertain. We will endeavour to keep the BSLB lithium at 15% instead of 25% increase in order to compensate as best we can.
  10. Hi Daniemj Thanks for these and I can suggest a few changes on the settings. If a reset on the battery didn't solve the problem completely, a second reset might work. Otherwise we can get the battery back in for a firmware reset. Would you please get your installer to contact me via email at [email protected] and I will discuss some aspects with him for your installation and any further installations he does in future. regards Charles BackBone Energy
  11. Hi Daniemj This is interesting and not something I have seen before while working on the BSL's. Have you contacted your supplier regarding this problem? What are your settings on the battery? Please could you provide me all the screens on the battery setup menus? I work mostly with BSL and Sunsynk, I would just like to check a few settings out first. Next step if there aren't any issues there, is to contact your supplier for support and see what they are able to do for you regarding checking the BMS on the battery. I can do the backup support on the battery if your supplier is unable to help you, please just let me know. Regards
  12. This is a very important point and something that needs to be addressed by more manufacturers. With the BSL, no matter what has been physically done to the battery and how the internal setup has changed, there has been a drive to make sure that all the batteries within their range are comms capable and able to be paralleled with each other. So the older 5,1kW battery is able to integrate with the 6.4kW battery, this is because the current BMS and firmware are setup to do so. This is of course over a one year period. Further down the line and as advancements in technology come, there might be issues here but that is unfortunately something that happens with technology. You can't compare or swop parts on a car model from ten years ago to its current model now. So we all need to be aware that the market will forever be shifting, new chemistries and technologies will always drive advancements and we need to keep up with this. Making sure the brands who stay ahead of the curve are the ones to support and watch in the market becomes a future grow point for all our businesses in ten years and we grow the industry in a world leading way with the best for the market in mind. If you are going to keep supporting the people who are on the same loop all the time, you can't complain later on when everyone else is miles down the road and you are stuck in the same loop.
  13. A very interesting topic here and happy to put my two cents in. I have my own opinions of Pylontech batteries, this is not the platform to air them though. I prefer to make sure that people can get a better understanding of the products they purchase. We supply and I do the support for the BSL battery, what you have all come to know as the Bull Battery, and I am involved heavily behind the scenes with the battery and manufacture of it. A few of you I recognise as people I have actually dealt with and personally helped in setting up systems with the BSL's. We can guarantee the battery in our efforts to always improve and maintain a very high standard when it comes to the product. BSL has made sure that not only is the product of a high standard, but also that the after market service is always available, giving you peace of mind that there is always support when needed. The BSL's BMS is robust, heavily tested and our efforts to make sure of comms capabilities gives us a little edge over some of the others in the market. No battery is ever perfect and they all have their pros and cons, but those manufacturers who put in the effort to better their product continuously will always be a better option than companies who give you something they say works and don't offer anything further than that. Over the past six months that I have been involved with the BSL, I have seen the engineering and updating of the batteries first hand, watching them evolve and advance with the more we learn. Learning is a key aspect of the process and giving the best is always the goal. We always maintain the ability to replace any part of our batteries if the need so arises, so that aspect is taken care of. As for cycle life on batteries, please don't use this as a given on any battery. No manufacturer can tell you exactly what their battery will do over ten, fifteen or even twenty years, not in a market that is so new in comparison to other markets who have been around for far longer. The biggest problem is that people expect electrical engineers to tell you what chemical engineers actually know.... So there is still much learning and the future will be even more interesting. The BSL is rated to 5000 cycles at 80% DOD and comes with a ten year warranty as standard, but the design life is actually 20 years and the cells will obviously last accordingly to your usage and exertion on the battery, as with any battery. I will be doing some testing on other locally available batteries, I am very keen to see what the market has to offer and how they all compare, this is one of the goals we have for this year. As for Pylontech, they have their place in the market and they aren't going anywhere soon, just bare in mind that companies such as Hubble and BSL are always making advancements and they offer the local support which you won't get from some other big brand names. Hope you all walk away with something from this thread today
  14. Hi Wade Please have your installer assess and work on the CT before attempting to do anything yourself. Your installer is welcome to contact us for assistance if required.
  15. Version 10.26.2020


    Part 2 is more in depth with the Sunsynk inverter itself. A technical read for solar installers and electricians.
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