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WARNING!!! Morningstar and Victron in the same system WARNING!!!


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Just a word of warning, do not use a Victron Multiplus or Quattro with a Morningstar controller on the same system. It seems that the Victron pushes back current into the Morningstar controller at night when the Victron starts charging the batteries.


Look at the attached pictures to see what happens when it does happen!!







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Korn, I own neither of those, but it might be helpful if you can provide a bad/good wiring situation.

You are just saying "don't", but not explaining how it was used/connected... None of us want to make a similar mistake, so can you give us more technical information?

PS: Sorry for your loss/damage.

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Must say, I am still curious why this happened. Assuming it was an MPPT controller (and not PWM), and that it used a synchronous Buck converter, my guess would be that what we have here is "shoot through", a condition that happens when both the top and bottom MOSFET is turned on simultaneously, causing a dead short. I read a lot about how this can happen accidentally, though don't understand the half of it. I would guess that perhaps the Victron charger has somewhat of a ripple on the output (all chargers have that) and that enough of this ripple made it into the Morningstar, pushing the FETs into conduction. This might not be solely the fault of the Victron charger's "poor ripple" (I doubt it has a poor ripple), it might have to do with internal resistance of the batteries, cables, how things were wired, etc.

I would think that if you have a PWM controller, you're probably safe. PWM controllers can have a diode between them and the battery too, I recall TTT posted wiring diagrams to that effect some time ago.

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iPower ... VERY NICE SETUP! :D

Jip, I also think there was more to this story. Morningstar has been around for a very long time, so I am rather sure they would not want their controller to burn out if a wee bit of charging takes place.


16 hours ago, ipower said:

EEK , my multi is used only as an inverter , but I may want to charge via the grid in future , .... can i risk it ?

Email Morningstar.

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