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    Embedded hardware/software , Linux , ARM CPU , railway signaling and now solar.

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  1. Yes I tend to agree, let's be honest high voltage bears plenty disadvantages , only advantage is really is where you need to save copper / current / heat ( I think somewhere along the line industry will have to double up on that 48v batt voltage in lieu of consumers ever hungry increasing storage requirements. I hate it when a current of more than 50 amps is drawn)
  2. That will nicely explain the reason why the grid always mixes in some power to the output , even though the solar has enough energy to supply all of it. Which I have proven often by removing grid , and then solar ramps up to supply everything the output demands.
  3. Good luck going forward yes good forum and lots of gurus on here . I am intrigued by your influxdb and esp32 pairing , which incidentally I have in mind myself. I have installed influxdb 2 on my debian vm and started evaluating / learning. Esp32 has Arduino lib for influx so also looking forward to venture there. Meanwhile also trying to learn the axpert rs232 protocol. So keep me informed how you doing with esp3/influx so we can share. Cheers PS lots of people here good with axpert but keep @87 Dreamand @Coulombon speed dial I learned lots from them.
  4. I'll give you this , Mr Sarel , you seem to leave very little to the imagination regarding research and rollout. Well done. Good to follow you.
  5. Ok you have stated that the AC input must charge the batt also, that's why it's bidirectional, I suppose.
  6. @CoulombColoumb thank it has been a while since you have posted this schematic, and I wanted to study a few things first , before inundating you with silly questions. Ok the kings AC/DC block I presume is to reconstruct input AC , because king is advertised as compatible with bad rural areas where AC is not always in spec.is that right? So for my mks3 or VMIII I forget about the red block. So the schematic infers a DC coupled hybrid , where batt and solar are entertained as such. But I also know to my inverter blends, so I assume that blending of AC input and inverter output(DC/AC) is done in AC coupled domain at the output. Is that right? The block that confuses me is the bidirectional arrow attached to the DC/AC converter. What does that imply? Kind regards there down under.
  7. Ha, never to old to learn, never knew you get special ferrule for that purpose. Magic!
  8. Do not know if it will be recommended for high power , but in control circuits the bootlace crimp is also a quality means of joining two multistrand inputs on one connection.
  9. I have seen same images on this thread of some ungracefull failure of sonoff devices. While I am not squeaky clean myself when it comes to the rigour required for electrical safety and protection , I can see some serious harm and fire hazard this little device can cause. I get the feeling that we tend to rely on the db circuit breaker. In reality the CB is only matched to the building wire size, and offers protection to the wire itself not burning or catching fire. The consumer load must always look after itself in this regards and in the case of electronics , suitable faster blower fuses needs to be introduced. That terminal block that sonoff employes is bad bad news, causes dry joints and subsequently cause of burn. The relay contacts also will not be protected by CB , as it is substantially lower rated than say the 35a of the CB. If it is a must to use the sonoff, then those clipon terminals must be somehow replaced with screens and a load matching fuse of 16a be introduced. Just my 2 cents
  10. Busy scratching my head on what to use as fastener. I see you also get clips which is ok, but could be a maintenance nightmare.
  11. Cool. That component above the battery disconnect switch , is that a current shunt?
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