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  1. Hello everyone (been a long minute) I require some assistance from the Imeon boffins on this wonderful treasure of a forum! A client has a Soltaro LIFEPO4 IP65 5kwh battery that they want to use with a Imeon 3.6. After some research I came across a couple sites mentioning that Imeon inverters do work with Soltaro batteries (bms communication) but the official Imeon website doesn't even mention Soltaro anywhere. I are confuse! Please halp!
  2. Yes, with the optional web logger box (about R4500), first year online monitoring is included with the purchase, after that its R450 per year.
  3. No cables included. They use ethernet (RJ45) and telephone (RJ11) to connect all the sensors. You also need to supply the cable for battery mid point connection. It's a really nice setup but more expensive compared to a Victron BMV. Let say you have a Microcare bi-directional inverter and a Microcare LCD MPPT you'll need the following: 1 x Battery monitor 2 x battery sensors (for power going in and out) 2 x converter boxes (connects the inverter and MPPT to the battery monitor) All this will give you the ability to check the amount of power going in and out, volts, SOC and amps. The kicker is, this kit will set you back about the price of 2 BMV's.
  4. You're better off getting the Axpert with no charge controller then. Save a little bit of cash.
  5. Panel temp is probably even lower than -7c in winter, nevermind ambient temp.
  6. PWM charge controller. Steca is a good brand though!
  7. This is something many DIY'ers never check. Glad to see you calculated it Chris! Removing one panel should do the trick. Keep them as spares or use them for another system.
  8. My neighbours lifted their JoJo tank up and over the roof to get it in the back yard. Had a lekker laugh.
  10. It's old news but they will be releasing in 2017! http://www.lightsail.com/
  11. I'm not arguing about this. I waiting for confirmation from Renesola SA, I can't see why the exact same unit with a different sticker on cant be updated.
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