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  1. If it is this SMTONOFF it seems possible: https://www.creationfactory.co/2019/12/reverse-engineering-zmai-90-din-rail.html
  2. Building your own Emoncms dashboards are great fun! Mine is much less colourful, though:
  3. Not a problem, according to Pylontech:
  4. You've already tried two different sources/versions of the software, so that's probably not the issue. When you run the software, make sure to right-click the .exe file and use the "Run as administrator" option: Spreading your home's load over the the course of the day is the easiest way to ensure that you do not run into overload situations. I run a borehole pump for sprinklers from 08:30 - 09:00 every monring, then the swimming pool pump after that until end of the day's sunlight (via Tasmota & NodeRED home automation). Our solar geyser's 2 kW element is only allowed to give it a boost (via Geyserwise) in the early afternoon in case of heavily overcast weather. During the geyser's time slot the pool motor will switch itself off via the home automation to provide spare capacity should we turn a kettle on, or decide to cook. That's the reality of life without a split DB box & only 5 kW worth of InfiniSolar...
  5. I fully agree with the good advice provided so far... The specs you provided clearly states the rated output power as 3kW. We know your inverter's overload alarm triggers & the fans are running at max speed, but somehow you insist that the inverter is "cold as ice" and all is fine! Remember that the specs are there for a reason - they come from the ratings of the IGBTs, diodes, etc. that are used in your inverter, as well as the ability of the fans to deal with the heat generated when you run it hard. You may exceed these limits for short periods of time without obvious damage, but in the longer term you will destroy your inverter. As for your question about the SolarPower executable that does not want to open... I assume you are not running this on the Raspberry Pi connected to your InfiniSolar?
  6. I have service manuals for the InfiniSolar 3kW & 10kW "Plus" models. This bit of overload spec comes from the 3kW's service manual and I can only guess that same design principles hold true for all the InfiniSolar "Plus" models: I've pushed mine to around 8kW for short bursts (arc welding, mostly)...
  7. Best guy to answer this would be Youda - see his thread here: I'm a single InifiniSolar bloke, but would love to know the answer...
  8. Sorry for the slight hijack: I have one US3000B that refuses to talk to my four other US3000B batteries, but runs perfectly fine on its own (I therefore assume that the internal BMS & cells are fine). I always assumed that there are no parts easily available in ZA, but from this discussion it seems that the distributors should be able to source comms boards to assist me?
  9. I have an Inifinisolar too and found Voltronic's manual to be very detailed, except that it does not cater for a changeover switch. As far as I know (I did not wire it myself, and the earth leakage may be upstream of the changeover) my setup works as follows. With the changeover in mains mode: Grid supply -> mains breaker -> changeover -> earth leakage -> individual distribution breakers. With the changeover in Inverter mode: Grid supply -> mains breaker -> changeover -> inverter AC in -> inverter AC out -> earth leakage -> individual distribution breakers. Disclaimer: I'm also not a sparky and won't be able confirm whether the manual's cable specs conform to our local standards,or the standards for the earth leakage placement!
  10. I guess so? All I really know from the above is that my roof is way too flat for optimal winter insolation
  11. I hope this is what you're after...
  12. Welcome to the forum, Jakes! Chat to our colleague Thomas v S. He lives in your neck of the woods, runs multiple inverters and did the install himself. You may find a lot of common ground...
  13. I would definitely buy an 8kW over a 5kW if they cost the same - no question about it. Running a pool pump & washing machine simultaneously during the day means you may have to turn one of them off if you want to boil a kettle...
  14. Aah, nice to seen another Infini owner here! Which ones do you have?
  15. Peter, here are some steps to help you pinpoint the problem... 1. Make sure the service is in fact running by executing this commend on the Pi: service netatalk status
  16. They were the same until early last year. If the version from Centurionsolar is still at v2.8.5., it has not been updated since then. The version from iccsoftware is under active development and receives regular updates & bug fixes. Manie recently added support for parallel inverters, for instance...
  17. The CenturionSolar version of ICC is not being updated any more, unless I'm mistaken... Updating the OS improves stability, automating restarts removes annoyance PS: A failing SD card that caused mine to hang intermittently at one stage. If ICC's database is trying to save data to a bad area, the results will be unpredictable.
  18. I update my Raspberry Pi's operating system once a month and also reboot it every couple of days - these two steps ensures that ICC never gives any hassles. Step 1: Updating the RPi is done by executing the following two commands in a console (without the bullets!). Type "Y" or "yes" as required: sudo apt update sudo apt full-upgrade You may (optionally) execute this after the update to clean the software repository & save space: sudo apt autoremove Reboot the RPi to load updated kernel (if any). Step 2: To automate a regular reboot, execute this command in a console: sudo crontab -e Insert this line at the bottom of the file to reboot your Raspberry Pi at 03:00 every third day: 0 3 */3 * * /sbin/shutdown -r now The line above is interpreted from left to right in the following manner: minutes (from 0-59) hour (from 0-23) day of month (1-31) month (from 1-12) day of week (from 0-6, 0 = Sunday). An asterisk means "every", and */3 means "every third". Change the line according to your needs. Press Ctrl-O to save the file, then Ctrl-X to exit the editor. That's it, you're done
  19. Sadly the geyser is still "dumb"... I use a Geyserwise megafter that will only allow it so turn on between 12:30 - 14:00 if the water does not exceed 62 Deg C. By that time the batteries are normally fully charged again, and even if they aren't there's enough sun to allow them to continue charging despite the 2kW diverted to the geyser. I might do something with Tasmota & Nodered at some stage, but at present it works well for me. BTW: I find it easy to drain my 5x Pylontechs from 100% down to about 40% during a normal winter's night. I have a video projector & AV system that chows plenty of power when watching movies (we do that most evenings), a file server that runs 6 hard drives continually in a RAID 5 configuration through the night (security system), a 16 zone alarm system with many beams, 200 W fish tank heater that runs roughly half the time, 3x fridge/freezers, electric blankets, etc. etc. I won't go as far as calling you a Luddite, but I definitely enjoy a more electric life-style
  20. Nice setup, but you forgot to install the last row of 4 panels on the right-hand side of your roof I have nearly as many panels as you have, and in summer my batteries usually recharge before noon. After that I use the spare energy to boost the water temps in the geyser. And later in the day the famous Pretoria summer thunderstorms make sure that there's no more generation to be had! In winter the batteries take a tad much longer to recharge, but at least we are blessed with cloudless weather so it does not really matter...
  21. I thought about it at some stage, but seeing how well they hide the relevant documentation I came to the conclusion that they do not want anybody doing this
  22. There's some good info on Lithium battery degradation available at https://batterytestcentre.com.au. Here's their Pylontech US2000 testing over the past 3 years:
  23. Cloud access and Android client!
  24. Guss, I've completed my Tasmota, OpenWeatherMap & NodeRED bits and will tackle OpenHAB in the next week or two. I have a colleague who's also starting out with an OpenHAB install, but he's not really active on the forum...
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