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  1. Refrigeration is often overlooked or ignored when looking for energy savings. Cleaning the condensor and/or improving air circulation around the fridge can reduce the energy it consumes by 20%... or a lot more if it's a commercial underbar type fridge. Ive seen up to 40% energy saving with condensors being cleaned on commercial underbar units. Even domestic fridges have small condensor fans sometimes, check they're working and dust free. Check the door gasket for damage and replace if necessary, also angle the fridge slightly backwards so the door has a better tendancy to clos
  2. Looking at the symbol on the ABB RCD in the post you quoted above and given there's no mention of a tripping curve indicates that it doesn't offer any overload protection, only residual current (earth leakage) so the 25A, or 40A or 63A rating just indicates the maximum load the internal contacts can make and break without being damaged. Often the wholesalers will charge you a much higher price for a 25A than a 60A when there's no reason not to install the 60A. Probably the reason they discontinued the two lower current rated options.
  3. Start at the beginning, do a power audit of all the items you want to run on the inverter to get an accurate handle on exactly what the load is. You might be surprised and it's less than 40Amps in which case you've got cheap options. If it's more than 40 Amps I'd strongly suggest you make some sacrifices to bring it under otherwise you're in for an expensive and complex installation. I wouldn't consider getting council to give you a larger single phase supply as a good option, often with the old 40A 3-phase supplies they'll only have a 6mmx4-core cable for the incomer in which case
  4. Version V0.0 Initial Draft Release


    Axpert MKS-4000KS-5000 Service manual V0.0 Initial Draft Release Please Note; This is not an owners manual or an installation manual. It is pitched at readers with good basic electrical knowledge who need to troubleshoot or fault-find an Axpert Inverter. This manual is for Axpert MKS 4KVA-5KVA series, it can help service personal perform the basic maintenance and repair service. This manual focus on the service, so you should get the basic operation of the Inverter/Charger from the user manual, and make sure you had read and understood user manual before you
  5. Marv

    Axpert Repairs.

    Thanks for the helpful replies, much appreciated. Thanks also for the service manual, I must admit to already rudely grabbing a copy the day I joined. I think more detailed info would be helpful so I had a rummage around some FTP servers to try find some component level boardview pdf's but nothing so far. I posted a few requests on the Chinese servers the reside in the shadier corners of the interwebs where you mention the word 'bitcoin' and anything can happen; being an optimist i'm confident something will turn up. Even without full schematics I think there's some entertainment val
  6. Marv

    Axpert Repairs.

    I've dabbled on and off with inverter repairs over the last 6 or 7 years (mostly Victron and Solaredge) so this isn't my first rodeo. I currently have a 6 year old 2kva Axpert on my bench and alas it appears one of the Mosfet's on the DC-DC converter took something of a dump. The mosfet is blown wide open and there's splatter on the board and plenty of smoke staining in the surrounding area and generally all over inside the enclosure. Unfortunately I don't have schematics for the board so before I tidy it up fit a replacement component I wondered if anyone has past experiences of Axpert r
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