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Yes, if there's a problem they refund you very quickly.

I recently ordered a Mod and an RDA but the box arrived with only the RDA inside. Took pictures (the customs sticker also said "1 item") and opened a dispute. A couple days later I got refunded the full order amount, so I ended up getting the RDA for free.

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I have bought equipment a couple of times from Racergadgets SA . Buffalo international logistics handled the delivery and duties . They would phone and request the duties to be paid into their account and not later than 2 days you get the delevery  . Orders from China , USA with delivery cost same as local . From order date to delivery at your gate about 21 days . Unfortunately you can't get some equipment from them .

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39 minutes ago, Luminous said:

I guess Racegadgets is just a dropshipping company ordering from Banggood. They normally also do the Buffalo shipping. Best tip I can give is order something that has a tracking number.

Banggood ordering through Buffalo takes around 20days to arrive. Aliexpress around 60 days

Thanks for info on Banggood . I was scared because of their low prices , but if they use Buffalo international logistics I will try them some time . 

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I Send the parcel to the USA using an aramax account/address. Usually, the shipping to USA is free, then you only pay for the Aramax to SA, it arrives quicker and has tracking etc.

In my experience, the shops on Aliexpress that I've dealt with are overly-keen to please. They really do respond quickly if you are unhappy and it seems that if you put a bad comment on their products/shops the entire family is shamed, so they are ultra careful.


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