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Which Inverter???


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victron vs axpert on this forum is like coke vs pepsi. 

they both do the job, but there are fans of each sitting in a corner waiting to pounce on a post like this to tag team :)

For me it comes down to ease of scaling. With victron the inverter, charger and management device are split up, and can all be chained together if you want to grow the system.

Axpert has it all built into one device, making it easier and cheaper to expand. but if one of those components caves in you need a whole new device.

Personally i like Victron, i can add more stuff as i need it, and if one breaks i can just replace the one part. but it comes at a greater cost though. NOTE: this is my personal preference

Support.... well, you will get support for both on this forum.

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On 2020/02/03 at 1:27 PM, stoic said:

victron vs axpert on this forum is like coke vs pepsi. 

I usually say it's like comparing a Toyota Hilux to a Mahindra Bolero. Both gets the job done, but the devil is in the detail. What's the support like? What's the warranty like? How well does it integrate with the rest of the 4x4 accessories on the market? What's the MTBF (mean time before failure) and so on.

After you consider all those, you get to a value-for-money figure, which is a simple division sum: You divide the money through the perceived value. This actually makes the Axpert fairly good value for money, not because it is particularly good in those respects, but because it is do damn cheap. I think the same is true of the Bolero by the way. I think I even have the price ratio about right.

(Also, while I am not a fan of the Ranger, I do believe it's much closer to a Hilux in quality than this comparison warrants).

13 hours ago, Gerrie said:

What about SMA  compared to Victron ?

Now that would be interesting, because they are natural competitors. The SMA is usually considered the better inverter. I would also enjoy seeing comparisons with the Australian Selectronic, the Outback inverters, or the Magnasine from America. Locally, there is also MLT which uses a similar layout.

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