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  1. Tariq, this is what is currently on the system. Note: I have unticked Time Of Use as that causes the PV to crash to zero. MdF
  2. My system has been running on Work Mode Timer for the past 2 weeks without any issues. Yesterday morning I noticed that as the day progressed, PV production was not going above 500w. I put this down to the overcast conditions. But as the skies cleared up by lunchtime, the PV was still well below par (See graph below). I thought at this stage that there was a problem with the generation side of things but could not find anything to indicate as such. For some reason, I decided to untick "Use Timer" and PV generation returned to normal for what I would expect at that time of day. So I ticked "Use Timer" again and this time the PV went all the way down to zero. I unticked it again and all returned to normal I have not made any changes to the inverter during the past 2 weeks only for the one day when it was raining and I disengaged the timer to ensure there was enough battery storage for the night. Any thoughts on what has happened? Thanks, MdF
  3. Morning All, So, this issue started this morning. From the graph below you can see that the PV is all over the place. Yes, its keeping track of the Load but there is such variation in the PV. It seems as though the inverter is not able to keep up with Load changes and results in either excess PV or reduced PV being applied. The same also applies to the Grid when PV is below Load. Also the Battery power has been all over the place. Clear skies today in Joburg so nothing impeding PV generation. Using a Deye 5kw inverter and 8 x 400 Canadian Solar panels with a 5.1kw Lithium SA battery. Thanks MdF
  4. My Pi was sitting on top of the battery case close to the battery cables. Could have been "interference" as well
  5. Thanks Dropkick. Update: So, whilst looking at ways of laying temp network cable yesterday, I happened to move the Pi about a meter from where it was currently sitting. It connected to the wifi immediately. I have left it where it is for now and will see how the Pi runs for the next few days. This may simply have been the Pi being located in the wrong place MdF
  6. Morning All, The Pi is connected via wifi to the router. Signal to wifi at the Pi is 3 or 4 bars. No, the Pi is not connected using a USB adapter. The Pi uses its own inbuilt wifi to do this. The difficulty with connecting the Pi to the router directly is the distance to the router - about 20m and not practical at this time. Will need some planning to do this. Regarding interference from other hardware on the network - well, the Pi was off at 6am this morning with nothing by way of hardware being used on the network. -------------------------- Some research on the interweb suggests that the Pi could have Power Management turned on and that it is going to Sleep at some point. A suggestion is for Power Management to be turned off on the Pi? MdF
  7. Afternoon All, Since starting with SA, I sometimes see that the Pi disappears off my local network. It usually does this for about 10 or 15 minutes and then returns by itself. Sometimes it will disappear for half a day and I try to reboot the Pi using the Bluetooth connection. In all instances, no data is lost. Any thoughts on what may be causing this? Is there something on my network that I can try and look at regarding the Pi connection? I have contacted support at SA but they have no idea why its dropping off my network. MdF
  8. So, with the cold and rainy weather hitting Gauteng last night, I have had to turn off my usage of the battery at night to allow for the possible Eskom issues during the day that they have predicted for the weekend. I just do not have enough battery capacity to get us through on that alone when the PV is low. The piggy bank is starting to be used again to save up for a second battery
  9. This post from another topic which I found useful. It says edzachery what we need to do - use your system as that is what it was designed for
  10. Phil, your Grid / Purchasing values are very low - well done indeed
  11. Morning All, Just an update on what has happened over the past few weeks since I started exercising my battery on a daily basis. Here is what I have managed over the past 30 days. MdF
  12. Morning All, Is it possible to connect the battery to the inverter AND the Solar Assistant Pi using an RJ45 Ethernet Extender Splitter Network Cable? I would like to see more details of the battery which are currently not available on SA as the system uses Inverter Settings to read the battery. I am not able to see the State of Health (SoH) or the Cycles data so was thinking a direct connection from the battery to the Pi would provide that? Battery currently connected via the CAN port directtly to the Inverter. I'm using a Deye 5kw inverter with the 48v 100Ah 5.1kWh LiFePO4 battery. Thanks, MdF
  13. Very true for us as well on my Deye 5kw inverter. We had to get used to managing essential loads during winter like the heater and kettle on at the same time would trip the inverter. We ended up putting a post-it next to the kettle saying "Heaters?" MdF
  14. So then, based on this, I should change the table below for the two instances of 100% fully charged to say 98% or even 95%?
  15. Hi Vani, I am particularly interested in an answer to your Point 2. MdF
  16. That's a good point. What I do think we can afford for now is to increase PV from 8 panels to 12 which should make a difference for providing extra power during the day for essentials and to charge the battery. MdF
  17. Yes, we draw from the grid after the PV stops for the day. So I agree with you saying we should draw more from battery to save money. The issue is that I only have 1 battery at 5.1kwh which I need to also keep partially charged in case there is loadshedding or a power outage. It would be nice to run the battery down to about 30% SoC but then what happens if loadshedding kicks in in the morning? (catch 22)? I obviously need to look at getting a second battery to improve storage but that comes at a cost at the moment. MdF
  18. Morning All, So, I have been playing around with the settings for a week now and have settled on battery discharges overnight that results in an SoC of about 50% before solar starts to kick in and recharge. Should I be discharging the batteries further or do you think the 50% discharge level is enough "exercise"? MdF
  19. As far as I understand it, Solarman Smart is the user app where you don't have access to the backend stuff like Wi-Fi setup etc. Solarman Pro is for the installers app where they have access to more setup functionality. MdF
  20. So, if loadshedding happens, how does the Power setting in the Time of Use table affect power output to your required load? In other words, if the power setting for any given row in Time of Use is set at say 2500 and loadshedding happens, the battery will only discharge a maximum of 2500 even if your load might be more? MdF
  21. Morning All, I have the same inverter. There must be a more practical way of updating inverter firmware than having to send an email with serial number to support? Can one not connect a USB card reader via the R232 cable connection to update firmware?
  22. Hi EnT, Your second attachment looks correct for what you are wanting to do. However, I can not comment on what will happen in terms of you wanting to Export to Grid and how that will affect your setup. But I am sure there are others here how will be able to assist. MdF
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